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When I started this blog, I kept a running list here of the shows I was watching. (That was back when your options were cable and Netflix DVDs).  I fell out of the habit of updating the list and eventually took it down.  But after a year of SO MUCH TV (2020!!!), I decided to resurrect the list with my most recent favorites.

The list is organized by streaming service (how the world has changed) with a little bit of commentary.  My favorite network shows over the years are down at the bottom.  (Just the REALLY good ones.  I also watched a ton of crap, trust me!)

Last update: December 31st 2021 (Most recent updates in Orange.)

I watch one streaming service at a time to maximize my ~$15/month investment.  The past six months have been a lot of Hulu and HBO Max so I am way behind on Netflix and Apple TV+.


I have been so busy watching other services, I have not spent a lot of time watching Netflix!  These are my recent favs of note…most recent at the top.

    • Unbelievable –  I LOVE a good mystery/crime drama.  (Even better with strong female leads!) And this one was very good.  Highly recommend.
    • Schitt’s Creek – I finally got past episode one (which I watched twice and hated) and am well into Season 2.  It grew on me.
    • Outlander – I watched season 1 before my trip to Ireland last year (even though Scotland is not Ireland).  The end of season 1 was traumatic but I have finally gotten past it and am caught up through Season 4. You will only like this is if you are into sappy love stories.
    • Broadchurch – I love British mystery series’.  I think I want to move to the UK (despite all of the crime)
    • Behind Her Eyes – a good mystery/thriller with a surprising twist! (which I will not give it away).  Loved this.
    • The Queen’s Gambit – good stuff
    • Bridgerton – Bachelor quality cheese, but of course I liked it.
    • Unorthodox – Must-see mini-series about an orthodox Jewish woman who flees her community in Brooklyn to find her mother in Berlin.  So good.
    • The Witcher – supernatural Game of Throne’s-ish type thing (sort of, but not really).  Loved.  Can’t wait for Season 2.
    • Sex Education – one of my favorites on Netflix!  I know I said I wanted to move to the UK, but I might want to move to Wales instead (Gillian Andersen who has the most beautiful house in this show)
    • The OA – “mystery drama with science fiction, supernatural, and fantasy elements”, hello!  Loved it!
    • Travelers – I like this time-traveling sci-fi show with Will from Will & Grace (who has literally not aged a day. Actually he has, he looks even better now!)
    • Seven Seconds – Really good crime drama.
    • And of course, I watched and loved The Crown, Ozark, Stranger Things, Bloodline, House of Cards (although the last season was eh). I tried Peaky Blinders and twice and couldn’t get through episode 1.
    • What We Do In the Shadows – Hilarious mockumentary about the day-to-day lives of a group of vampires living on Staten Island.  I am picky about my funny but this is funny, trust me.    If you think we have the same sense of humor, watch it.  (But not with your kids.  Not kid-friendly.)
    • Only Murderers in the Building – a really cute and humorous (and very NYC) murder mystery.  Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez are a power team solving a murder in their building and making a podcast about it. 
    • Palm Springs – A groundhog day theme….but upgraded.  Mostly a comedy (Andy Samberg) but with a little depth and a little romance.  It’s a good one.  (Movies rarely keep my attention these days)
    • Nine Perfect Strangers – OK…didn’t LOVE.  There were some interesting twists and a great cast but the story was not compelling.  A mystery set in an exclusive holistic wellness center where Nicole Kidman is the guru (not her best role)
    • Handmaid’s Tale – caught up through Season 4.  One of the best shows on television.
    • Nomadland – a beautiful, quiet movie about grief and connection.
    • Normal People – OMG this wrecked me.  It was probably the best thing I have watched in a VERY VERY long time.  Heartbreaking and amazing. Be prepared to have your heart hurt, but watch it.
    • Miss America – based on the true story of the ERA movement in the 1970s.  Really good!
    • Little Fires Everywhere – I didn’t actually love this. It was meh.
    • Hellstrom – supernatural good vs evil, demon stuff.  Not a must-see but if you are into this sort of thing and you need something to watch on Hulu, you could check it out.
    • A Teacher – this is what REALLY happens when a high school teacher seduces her student. Not amazing but I watched it.  It was sad actually.  It’s really not good to seduce and sleep with your students. (I do NOT know this from personal experience!)
    • Run – entertaining, creepy movie about an overbearing mother
Amazon Prime
    • Flack – British “dramedy” about an over-the-top PR agency starring Ana Paquin (From True Blood) who completely annoyed me on that series but she is less annoying in this one.  I thought episode 1 was a bit much but it grew on me.  (Just started season 2)
    • The Missing – Decent British crime drama (they are so good at these!).  I liked season 1 and will go back and watch season 2!
    • Underground Railroad – another really hard to watch but very well done series about racism and slavery.  It’s fiction/fantasy but it is good art that makes you feel what the characters are feeling.  Highly recommend but not if you are in the mood for a pick-me-up!
    • Tell Me Your Secrets – psychological, serial killer stuff.  Good TV. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
    • Them – a very disturbing thriller based on an extreme satire of racism in the 1960s.  Creepy and upsetting but very good.
    • The Sound of Metal (movie) – soooo good.  Watch it!
    • The Wilds – a bunch of teenagers get stranded on an island when their plane crashes, but so much more.  Watch it!
    • The Expanse -Good sci-fi.  (Which is always about the people…they just happen to be in space.) I liked this a lot the first few seasons.  It got old by Season 5 but I will watch season 6 if it happens.
    • Hunters – a mix of a satire on a 1970’s crime show and a serious holocaust movie (really).  Josh Radnor is in it.  I didn’t love it at first but then it got really good.  Give it a chance.
    • The Boys – Superhero show but so much more.  The second season was a bit much (unnecessarily raunchy and gory IMHO) but the first season was amazing.
    • Utopia – this was a really weird conspiracy thriller, violent (and sometimes disturbing) but entertaining.  My kind of weird (although sometimes too weird)
    • The Fall – “gripping psychological thriller” with Gillian Andersen and Jamie Dornan- this is very old but I LOVED it! A must watch if you haven’t (and like this stuff)
    • Hanna – “equal parts high concept thriller and coming of age drama” Joel Kinnaman is in it (from The Killing).  I really liked it.
    • Sex Lives of College Girls – I like this much more than And Just Like That.  I was not expecting to want to watch college girls, but it’s funny and fresh and entertaining!
    • Station Eleven – LOVING this post-apocalyptic sci-fi show.  
    • And Just Like That – This is the Sex And The City re-boot.  I watched every episode of SATC but wasn’t as into it as other people were.  My NYC experience was NOTHING like the women on this show.  I don’t love the re-boot.  I am only a few years younger than the characters but they seem very out of touch and the show is trying too hard to hit all of the current culture points, IMHO.
    • I May Destroy You – I was late to the game on this but this was AMAZING.  It’s funny and deep and weird and really well done.  The general story is about a woman who blacks out and is sexually assaulted and initially does not remember what happened.  That sounds deep (and it is, but trust me, it’s worth it!)
    • Scenes from a Marriage – I know nothing of marriage (except by observation) but was pulled into this drama from the start.  Excellent TV.
    • His Dark Materials – I tried this once before and couldn’t get farther than 10 minutes because…talking animals.  But I gave it another try, pushed through the talking animals (which I uncovered represent the souls of the humans!) and I really got into it.  If you like fantasy, dramas stick with it…(and its family-friendly!)
    • Raised by Wolves – I can’t say I totally recommend this weird sci-fi show, but it is haunting me.  Super weird (kind of slow) story about androids, religion, and parenting (and I guess humanity in general) in an apocalyptic world. It got weirder and weirder as it went on, culminating in super weirdness at the end of Season 1 that will probably bring me back for Season 2.
    • The White Lotus – I was behind on this.  It was all the talk when it aired, but I did not love it.  It was meh. (Story of a group of people on vacation at the same time at an exclusive resort in Hawaii)
    • Succession –a satire about a dysfunctional family business “empire”.  Funny and smart.  Season 3 airing now.  (It is essentially the same story over and over, but I find it entertaining.  Maybe only someone who has worked in business for years can appreciate how  over the top the business shenanigans are)
    • The Nevers – unique, feminist, sci-fi period drama with a sense of humor. It was sometimes confusing but also fascinating (watch the behind the scenes and stick with it until episode 6 where things are explained)
    • Murder at White House Farm – British true crime.  Liked it.
    • Farrow vs Allen – hard to like Woody Allen after watching this. It makes a good case. 
    • Hacks – hilarious and heartwarming. 
    • The Little Things (movie) – Jared Leto deserves another Oscar for making me think he is repulsive.
    • Mare of Easttown – This is as good as they say it is! Mystery, drama, great characters.
    • The Vow – documentary about a sex cult near my hometown.  Amazing and disturbing.
    • The Watchmen – One of my favorite shows on HBO.  Weird but good.
    • Our Boys – Israeli series based on the true events which led to the outbreak of war in Gaza.  Really really good!
    • The Undoing – Entertaining
    • The Flight Attendant – didn’t love. Kind of couldn’t wait for it to end.
    • Some of my older favs on HBO in case you live under a rock and haven’t seen any of them
      • The Newsroom
      • Game of Thrones
      • In Treatment
      • Veep
      • The Leftovers
      • True Detective
      • Big Love
      • The Wire
      • Girls
      • Westworld
      • House of Lies
      • Boardwalk Empire
      • True Blood
      • Silicon Valley
Apple TV+
    • Mosquito Coast – I wasn’t planning to go past episode 2 because I got bored but I found myself curious about what was going to happen to Justin Theroux and his fam so I went back to it.  I made it through to the end, but not sure it was worth it. Interesting fact – the screenplay was modified for TV by a former student of mine from when I used to teach in my early 20s (which I learned when his name flashed on the screen.  Cool.)
    • Ted Lasso – a comedy with a HUGE heart.  I might watch this again.  Worth signing up for Apple TV+ if you don’t have it.  I promise! (Have not seen season 2 yet!)
    • The Morning Show – also very good. Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, Reese Witherspoon – that one.
    • Dickenson – a super cute, kind of odd, updated period comedy/drama about Emily Dickenson.  Hard to explain but its awesome
    • Home Before Dark – I LOVED this cute mystery series (based on a true story) about a young girl who solves a crime!
    • Little Voice– Sarah Bareilles wrote all of the music for this show.  The show was cute, but I LOVE the soundtrack which became my pandemic favorite cooking music (my Spotify most listened to in 2020)
    • For All Mankind – an alternative version of history where Russia beats us to the moon.  Worth watching! (I will watch anything starring Joel Kinnaman)
    • Palmer – this is a movie starring Justin Timberlake and an adorable boy/girl and it was really cute
    • Tehran – Entertaining Israeli spy thriller

I had a one month trial of Paramount+ to watch the Harry/Meghan/Oprah interview.  To maximize my free investment, I watched only Paramount+ for a month.  I wouldn’t tell you to sign up for Paramount+ to watch any of these, but if you have access to it, here is what I watched.

    • The Real World New York: Homecoming – The very first Real World cast from NYC (in 1992) reunited in their original loft to hang out and shoot the shit.  If you watched the original, this was cool to watch.  It was like being part of a big hug.  They turned out to be really good people (most of them).
    • The Stand – loved this book. This is a remake of an earlier mini-series that I only vaguely remember.  This one has Whoopi Goldberg and the bad vampire from True Blood (and Pretty Little Lies).  Worth a watch if you liked the book.
    • Interrogation – true crime show that was designed as a choose-your-adventure type series that instructed you to watch the episodes in any order (except the first and the last which needed to be first and list).  A cool concept and I liked the show!
    • Tell Me A Story – This show was so bad, but I could not stop watching.  It was a cheesy mystery type of show that weaved in themes from three fairy tales.  The way they weaved the fairy tales in was very cool.  The writing, not good.  Still, I watched BOTH seasons.

These are all older favs.  No Showtime since I dropped cable.  You might be able to watch some of them on Amazon Prime?

    • The Affair – the final scene of this finale hit me hard (in a good way).  I loved this show…
    • Masters of Sex- so good
    • Homeland – it got a little tired as the seasons went on but I was glad I saw it through
    • SMILF  – this only had one season but I loved it!
    • Dexter– a serial killer with a heart.  A must-watch.  (I heard a new season is coming!!!)
    • Shameless
    • Billions
    • Ray Donovan
  • Older Network Stuff 

You have likely heard of most of these and watched them.  If you missed any of them, this is your reminder to go find them and watch them now!

    • Better Things  – You may not have heard of this one but I love love love it.  Especially for women my age (50s) and probably even more so for mothers and definitely for mothers my age in LA (of which I know ZERO).  Check it out if you are one of these people.
    • The Walking Dead – I think this is still on but I can’t watch it without cable (I miss it.)
    • The Americans
    • Mr. Robot
    • New Girl
    • Parenthood
    • Mad Men
    • Downton Abbey
    • Parks & Recreation
    • Breaking Bad
    • Lost
    • Battlestar Galactica
    • Friday Night Lights
    • Rubicon
    • Fringe
    • Saving Grace
    • My So-Called Life

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