Quick Round up of Week 2

I am feeling the need to provide a roundup of Week 2 of the Fall TV season because there has been some fall out:

Of the 6 shows I recommended to check out, one has already been canceled, Lone Star.   After watching the second week I liked it less, but I still think it deserved a longer run.   I am sad for Bob and really wanted to see what would happen with him and his two wives and crappy dad, but this is helpful for my quest to watch less TV.

Still love The Event, and as mentioned earlier, I am liking No Ordinary Family.  Those stay on the list.  After week 2 of The Whole Truth, I am dropping it to “have on in the background when paying bills on the weekend” status.  Undercovers, Running Wilde did not even make it to Week 2.  Hawaii Five-O which I did not officially recommend but did check out, is a big hit, but cop shows don’t do it for me unless they include unexplained phenomenon.  Apparently, The Whole Truth and Running Wilde are also in danger of cancellation, not a surprise.  (FYI – I get all of the scoop on ratings from my new favorite site tvbythenumbers.com which I learned about from my favorite TV Squad reviewer who made me love Rubicon.)

There is one other show I decided to check out that I really liked and have added to the list, Raising Hope.  It is really funny.  A young man and his crazy family are raising the baby he conceived in the back of his van and got custody of when the baby momma was sentenced to death.  That does not sound funny, so I assumed it would not be, but I was dead wrong.  These characters are ridiculous and miraculously….endearing. The cast includes Cloris Leachman and that awesome actress Martha Plimpton who shows up everywhere lately including The Good Wife and How to Make it in America.  FYI – Just learned on IMDB (love IMDB) that she is Keith Carradine’s daughter (Carradine = Lundy on Dexter).  Had no idea.  Anyway, I think it is a nice compliment to round out the hour for my other 30 minute fave, Modern Family.  I highly recommend it.

Initial Thoughts: No Ordinary Family

I forgot!  There was one more new show to check out and review.  I will keep it brief.

"Conrad" telling "The Sheild" to "think like something that can fly" (I didn't work)

Cute.  Really cute and funny!  In the first 10 minutes, a whole family (husband, wife, and two teenage kids) gets super powers on their trip to Brazil.  Everyone who is watching knows this but the characters don’t know it  and no one knows what the powers are so the way they reveal themselves is suspenseful and (I think) well written in to the story.   Michael Chiklis (formerly of The Shield and the big rock “Thing” in Fantastic Four) is awesome but his side kick  (Conrad the drug dealer from Weeds) is HILARIOUS.   He built “The Shield” a lair in his garage.  “Every superhero needs a lair, with WiFi.”  Hilarious.  The wife  is not using that  baby voice she had as Rita on Dexter so she is less annoying.  And the dad from Seventh Heaven is on the show.  Always nice to see him, but I think he is evil in this one.  If you are looking for a fun family show, check it out.  Well written with a unique premise.  I think this one is a winner (and I happen to know it premiered really well so this is not just my opinion.)  Not in the genre of shows I usually “can’t wait to watch” but I like it!

Inital Thoughts: The Whole Truth

As you can probably tell from my Weekly TV list, I am not a huge fan of procedurals (a genre of programs in which a problem is introduced, investigated and solved all within the same episode.)  What’s cool and different about The Whole Truth is that you are genuinely seeing things from two perspectives AND rooting for both sides.   You have you have two awesome leads, one defending (Rob Morrow), one prosecuting (Maura Tierney) and there is no assigned good guy and bad guy.  You go back and forth the whole hour wondering who is right and who is wrong.   This definitely gave the show a fresh perspective for me.   They are also friends (of course) which helps keep the whole thing neutral, but don’t fret, it looks like the obligatory sexual tension will come in to play (of course).   What was not so cool was Maura Tierney’s hair so I am really looking forward to it growing back (but probably not as much as she is!)   I am very glad she is well and back in my living room and I plan to keep watching and see if this show continues to peak my interest.  Entertainment Weekly described it as “not horrible/not great” which is right on.  Don’t want to oversell it, but I am not scratching it off the list yet.

This is the last of the new shows I recommended and felt obliged to comment on in my first “Initial Thoughts” series.  Now I can just write when I am inspired.  Right now, I am REALLY glad my job is not to write about shows all day long.  What if you just don’t feel like it? (because you have a pounding sinus headache, and you are hungry, and you can’t wait to catch up on the Sunday night shows on your TiVo???)

What is up with this blog again?

You might be thinking…”I thought this blog was supposed to be about your quest to watch LESS television.  All you post about is TV!”  Great observation.  I realized, as I started blogging, that I can’t write truly honest posts about people I know and things we do together!  It is exactly the same reason I can’t go on Big Brother.  I would be afraid to say anything mean in the Diary Room and then I would be just boring boring and CBS would probably try to convince the other house guests to vote me out.   I don’t want to get voted off WordPress and I love having fans.   I can say anything I want about imaginary characters and I don’t know anyone who produces, writes for, or acts in TV shows so for now, I am safe.  If this becomes a HUGE super popular blog, I might start getting in trouble (ie Perez Hilton), but that seems highly unlikely with my current traffic.  I don’t write long super insightful commentary or TV recaps.  I just write the random thoughts I have about my friends on the small screen.    Maybe after I warm up with the universally loved topic of television, and get people hooked on my unique form of commentary, I will branch out more.    It also just depends on what inspires me and formulates itself as a blog post in my mind.   Right now, it is TV, but it seems possible that I could  run out of witty things to say about the imaginary people.  Only time will tell.  I do have a unique ability to tie pretty much every life experience to television so that might be a good way to ease in to it.   I am really trying to cut back on the TV and I can tell you that blogging takes up quite a bit of time that could have otherwise been spent watching TV so this has been a fruitful pursuit already!

Initial Thoughts: Undercovers

I was initially drawn in by the cute robot flash drive (want one!) and was fully engaged until the first commercial break. Nice banter between the (very attractive) stars. Loved Gerald McRaney’s character in his opening scene, laced with sarcasm, my fav. (no, I did not remember his name. I IMDBed him.  He was Major Dad and was married to Delta Burke.) I got bored before the next commercial break. Plot: The caterer couple rejoins the CIA (duh) when their friend disappears.

They miraculously remember how to do everything and call each other honey as they fight bad guys. And of course there is some secret reason they were brought back that Major Dad is not telling them. Same old same old spy stuff. Nothing special or different.  I gave it a try as I said I would..but JJ Adams did not do it for me this time…another one bites the dust.

Initial Thoughts: Hawaii-Five-O and Running Wilde

Grace Park (aka Cyborg Sharon)

Hawaii Five-O – Not for me.  If I were the CSI/NCIS lovin type, maybe I would like it.  I gave it a try out of respect for the buzz (and my secret desire to go to Hawaii and learn how to surf) but my it was not my bag.  Jin will always be Jin to me.  The cop from NJ is kind of funny but that is not enough.  Sharon the Cyborg (from Battlestar Galactica)  playing a hot surfer chick that can kick ass will keep the dirty old CBS watching men happy.  I stepped away to write this blog entry before I even finished the premiere.

Sorry Kerri. It wasn't funny at all

Running Wilde – Not good.  From some reason it made me chuckle when when Will Arnett seemed to be sadly tapping out notes on the piano and then stepped away and it kept playing and he had to go back and turn it off.  But I have no idea why.  The kids name is Puddle and it is not cute, it is annoying.  The show is bad.

Phew!  Two shows I did NOT like!

James Badge Dale has a Sleepover

I love this shower curtain...

..and not with who I thought it would be!  I was dead wrong when I predicted that Will and Maggie would make up this week and hop in to bed (which is good because that would be been predictable and annoying in hindsight – but I do want them to make up!).  Was not expecting him to shack up with the artist across the way.  (Maybe that will happen to me when the people move in to the building they are almost done building in front my “city view”!)  Still liking learning about my characters.  Grant has gotten more likable and is an even more sympathetic character now that we know his wife is kind of a bitch.  Rooting for Miles and the new girl who speaks Urdu.  Looking forward to Tanya’s return from rehab.  Wondering if Miranda Richardson is annoyed that all she gets to do is bop around the city and ask questions for 5 minutes an episode.  I keep waiting for a four leaf clover to fall from the sky and knock her out.  I still don’t totally get what is going on with the CIA informant who I think is dead and might have been playing both sides BUT it does keep going so I will keep trying and maybe the two stories will come together in the end?  What is that Corn Flake loving Spangler up to??????

Initial Thoughts: Lone Star

I got really nervous today when Entertainment Weekly sent this tweet my way…

EW ‘Lone Star’: Already time to call it quits? http://bit.ly/cMsI9j

…so Lone Star was first the show I tackled on the “Now Playing List” this evening.  And the verdict is..

I really liked it!  First of all Bob is a cute as a button (and sexy to boot) so I don’t I mind spending an hour with him every week.  James Wolk plays Bob beautifully and has me convinced that he is in love with two women and is totally conflicted about his life and that his Dad is an ass who likes pancakes.  He was SO happy at his BBQ hanging with his buds and drinking and cooking hot dogs.  Then he got all spoofed up with his gorilla keys and his other fancy family and almost got in to big trouble.   The suspense is building and I can see myself getting agita every week hoping poor Bob does not get caught! I guess I should be thinking more about his ladies and their feelings, but they seem quite content.   At the end of the pilot I was wondering how long this charade can really continue, but I guess he could move to NYC and start all over again.

Net net: If the pilot of Lone Star is hanging out on your DVR, check it out.  I don’t want it to get canceled before cute/sexy Bob finds true happiness.  (Although this would mean I now have THREE new shows to add to my collection.  Sigh.)

Initial Thoughts: The Event

Amazing! I am a little dizzy from the time travel but it kept me on my toes and I was not bored for a minute! Awesome twists I did not see coming….

An emotional high octane conspiracy thriller…yeah it was!

And now I have another reason to never go on a cruise and additional confirmation that talking to strangers and consuming too much alcohol can be dangerous.  How cool was it when Blair Underwood said “I am the President of the United States.  I need to know”.   Just slightly cooler than when Carrie Weaver ended the episode with “I haven’t told you everything.” If it is on your DVR and you are not sure you have time..make time.

Two new shows watched, two new shows added to the schedule…oh boy.

Initial Thoughts: Boardwalk Empire

Never Let the Truth Get in the Way of a Good Story…

I was not expecting to like Boardwalk Empire, but I did!  I was not a huge Sopranos fan.  I watched it because everyone else did.  I like the people dynamics but I could never follow the mob stuff.  I

managed to hold my old during the Boardwalk Empire premiere until the very end when I got a little bit confused about why those particular people were getting killed and who ordered it.

I definitely got the whole thing about Nucky being a bad guy who is also a little good. (like Tony Soprano I guess, but Nucky seems more good, kinda).  I loved the twist (spoiler) that Jimmy is going to play both sides by pretending to help the FBI but really helping Nucky.   That was unexpected and pretty brilliant in my opinion.  I was assuming and dreading that he would be all conflicted and sappy.  The set looked more cheesy than real to me, but I did like how the store fronts played so much in to understanding the characters.  That less than three pound baby place was creepy though.  They lock them up in cabinets?  Is is possible that really existed?  The show is based on a non-fiction novel so there is some truth to all of this….

Entertainment Weekly says the pilot was the “weakest (showiest and slowest)” of the episodes the review had seen, so it must get even better!  Bring it on.  I am in for the long haul.  Since I booted Life Expected from the “10 hour must see” list last week, I have room for one more…