The TV Check In Craze

I have a fun new toy that my brother-in-law introduced me to called IntoNow (not a great name.)  Before I tell you what it is I must catch you up on my history with check-in apps (for those who MAY not be familiar.) It all started with FourSquare.

FourSquare allows you to “check-in” at a physical location using an app on your phone. Sometimes, you get a virtual “badge” when you check in. (My favorite badge is the “I’m on a Boat Badge” second fav is the “I voted 2010!” badge.) If you are the person who checks in the most at a location, you can become “The Mayor.”

Sometimes “The Mayor” gets a special deal (like a free coffee at Starbucks), but mostly, just bragging rights. (I, for example, am the mayor of my office and just got ousted as the mayor of the Lexington Kentucky Bluegrass airport.) Another cool thing about FourSquare is that I can see where my friends are if they share their check-ins with me. (Which sometimes makes me feel like a loser when I am home on a Saturday night and they are all out.)

A few months ago, I took the check-in craze to the next level with Get Glue (also introduced to me by my brother-in-law who knows all things tech before I do.) Get Glue allows you to check in to TV shows, movies, books, video games, and (weirdly) conversation topics and wine drinking. On Get Glue, you sometimes get a “sticker” when you check-in. “Stickers” are just virtual trophies until you acquire 20 of them at which time (on request) they will actually send you the REAL STICKERS! Crazy right? I just ordered mine and I have no idea why I am excited about that, but I am. I am planning to turn them into refrigerator magnets. (One of them is the Cher sticker I got for seeing Burlesque on opening weekend!) I have to admit, I have watched things just to get the sticker. I never check in to something I am not watching (except once, when I checked in to Black Swan a week AFTER I saw it to get the sticker because I had no reception at the actual theater and then forgot. OK, I might be a Crazy Pants with my check-ins.)

But Get Glue has competition!

IntoNow is a new app for checking in to TV shows but it has a super cool function. IntoNow will detect the show you ate watching by just listening to it! How cool is that? I pull up the app and press the green button and within seconds, it figures out what I am watching (the actual episode) and checks me in. (It even detected an old episode of Battlestar Galactica from 2005!) IntoNow uses the same functionality the app uses with music, but I got bored of that very quickly.)

Sadly, there does not appear to be any virtual trophies with IntoNow except the thrill I get hitting that green button, which will likely fade. As will my interest in the stickers, I imagine.

This is all good fun, I suppose, but I do wish there was a way to do something more meaningful with my check-ins. If I were a more creative “idea person” I might think of one, but until it comes to me, it’s a fun diversion!