The Disappearance of my Favorite Things

Don’t you hate it when something you love just disappears? You go to the store to the same spot where you get your favorite thing every week and its not there! You might be able to miraculously find it somewhere else for a short while and then it disappears from there too!

This is the story of the disappearance of a few of my favorite things this year.

It all started when I went to order a new pair of my favorite flip flops, the Sanuk Payday. This is a beautiful and super comfy flip flop that I picked up in Florida many years ago. Notice the slight rise in the heel and the wider shape at the front of the foot. When you have “Fred Flinstone” feet like I do (beautiful but a little wide in the ball of the foot), you need a perfectly shaped flip flop like the Sanuk Payday. I have two ratty pairs that I wear regularly, but when I went to buy a fresh pair this summer, they were nowhere to be found, except in size 11. (If you are a size 11, scoop up one of the last pairs left!) I ordered various other Sanuk styles from Zappos this year, and kept one pair, but I don’t love it. My feet are sad. At least it’s boot season now so I will be distracted until next spring.

Earlier this summer, I went to refresh my green tea collection and found my absolute favorite green tea missing from the shelf! Yogi Mint Garden Green Tea is a perfect mix of green tea and spearmint and peppermint. I discovered it when I got back from Morocco and it made me feel like I was still there when I drank it. I have been stalking that shelf in Whole Foods for months. It hasn’t come back. I have searched internet. Out of stock. I have a semi-decent replacement with the Yogi Energy Green Tea but it is not exactly the same. I miss Mint Garden. There must be something better out there and I will find it! I live in NYC.  There must be a little Morocco here somewhere.

My most recent traumatic disappearance is Zico Pomberry flavor. This is my special post-run treat. I only drink it as a reward for getting on my shoes and hitting the pavement (and occasionally after Yoga.) Love love love the Pomberry flavor. I started a subscription on Amazon to have a case delivered every month and then, one day, my subscription was discontinued. Uh oh! I couldn’t find the Pomberry flavor at my local grocery store but I could still get it at Whole Foods 1/2 mile away.  Every Saturday I lugged home as many bottles as I could carry. Last week, they ran out at Whole Foods! In a state of panic, I decided to write to Zico. They wrote me back.

“We regret to inform you that ZICO Pomberry has been discontinued.  We know this is disappointing.  Many factors go into the decision to stop selling a particular product.  Typically, it is a matter of consumer demand.  If there is not enough consumer interest in a particular product, retailers will stop carrying it.  At this time, there are no plans to re-launch our Pomberry flavor.”

Sadness. If only I had known that the Zico Pomberry was at risk, I could have started an online campaign! I can’t stand Mango or Chocolate. I am stuck with Natural Zico which is not so bad, but it’s no Pomberry. Sigh. I hope it does not impact my running.

Last, but not least, special mention for one of my favorite things that disappeared off the shelves in New York City over 15 years ago, Frito Lay Bean Dip. It is still sold in other places, just not in NYC. I used to carry it home with me from Chicago when I flew back and forth every week for work (which required checking a bag which is a huge sacrifice for a frequent flier!) and now I hoard it when I go to the burbs. I grew up on Doritos and Frito Lay Bean Dip and I ate them together as a meal (with sour cream, of course) once a month for most of my adult life. I have gotten a bit healthier of late but I do still enjoy this delicious dinner option from time to time.

So that’s it, an ode to my favorite things that have disappeared. What favorites have you lost recently?