More Notes on Fall TV

A few additional notes on the Fall TV exploration this week:

Still really liked Whitney after the second episode, its a keeper.

Also still liked New Girl (the Zooey Daschanel show).  Confused when they swapped out one actor for another actor from the pilot to episode #2 (I liked the first guy better but he got a job on Happy Endings, which I don’t like, so he can’t be on this show).

Person of Interest is OK, but I have no strong feelings of love for it.  It’s a procedural, a smart procedural with kind of a unique twist but not sure it is enough for me.  What’s it about? A smart programmer builds a machine for the government that sorts through lots of questionably obtained information about people to find terrorist threats.  BUT he feels guilty that the government deletes “irrelevant” information that could save individuals.  He builds a loophole so he can extract only social security numbers of the “irrelevant” people who need help and then recruits a homeless alcoholic/former special secret forces man to help him save these people.   A great show requires some sold characters you REALLY want to get to know.  I am not sure how much I care about the dude from Lost and the dude from the Passion of Christ in this show.  TBD if I will continue on with this one.

Terra Nova I liked better than Person of Interest.  Within the first ten minutes of the show, I felt a huge appreciation for nature and realized that I miss spending time in it.  The show starts in the future where global warming has really made a mess of things. There are children who have never seen the moon.  It is always dark and people can’t breathe outside without masks.  Sad.   Some super smart people discover how to transport people back in time where there is fresh air and fresh fruit (they go through this contraption on the left.)  So people start going back and they live amongst the dinosaurs.  Kind of cool.  There is danger, fractions amongst the people in the Terra Nova settlement, mystery about what is really going on there and a hinted at alternative purpose for the settlement.  And dinosaurs.  Worth sticking with for a few more episodes.

2 Broke Girls is one of the stupidest shows on TV.  Embarrassed I even mentioned it in my blog. Please erase it from your memory.

Playboy Club is also done.   If you are bored, it might entertain you for an hour, but probably not.

Pan Am I half watched while setting up my new IPad.  Kind of ridiculous.

This week we have Homeland (Claire Danes’ new show on Showtime) and American Horror Story. Pretty excited about both of these.  Dexter, Hung, and Made in America also return tonight.  As a result, The Vampire Diaries, Glee, and Haven have been demoted to second tier shows for the time being.

I Heart Fall TV!!!

The Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview is here.  I am less obsessive about the Fall TV season than I used to be (I am a recovering TVaholic after all) but I still love it.

I have perused EW and reflected on promos I have been seeing all summer and here are the shows I am most interested in seeing, separated into two categories (** are also EW’s best new shows picks)

1. Shows that I am the most excited to check out that have the best chance of being added to the line up permanently (which will of course be a problem because the line up is full)

  • American Horror Story** – Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights!) and Dylan McDermott (hot!) have a troubled marriage and live in a haunted house with their cranky teenager.  “The jolts and musty room surprises in the pilot never stop and the rapid fire editing is a dizzyind wonder to behold”.  I will love this. (Wed 10/5 – FX 10pm)
  • Terra Nova – its 2149, the world has gone to pot due to global warming, and some brave peeps set out to time travel back to prehistoric earth where resources are abundant.  There will be special effects and dinosaurs. I am quite curious. (Mon 9/26 – Fox 8pm)
  • Homeland** – in this “twisty” Showtime drama, Claire Daines (who I love, as you know)  thinks a US POW returning from Iraq might be a traitor.   She may also be mentally unstable and is supposedly neurotically-obsessive.  Can’t be missed. (Sun 10/2 – Sho 10pm)
  • The Secret Circle – from the creators of the Vampire Diaries and starring the adorable teenage daughter from Life Unexpected, a young orphan finds herself in a town full of cleverly snarky witches.  This is the type of age inappropriate, ridiculous stuff I constantly get sucked in to. (Thu 9/15 – CW 9pm )
  • Person of Interest** – JJ Abrams’ latest staring Lost’s Benjamin Linus and Jesus from Passion of the Christ.  Future NYC is wired with security cameras so you can see when a crime is going to happen, before it happens, and the duo mentioned above chase them down.  EW describes it as a “thinking viewer’s action show.”  Might not be my favorite genre, and JJ let me down last year, but he will always get another chance with me. (Thu 9/22 – CBS 9pm)
  • Once Upon a Time – one of two fairy-tale themed shows this season which is kind of cool.  A group of fairy tale characters are trapped in a Maine town (love Maine) are cursed in to forgetting their identities.  This one claims to have a Lost story telling method where the audience gets pieces of the puzzle and has to put them together. Hmmm… (Sun 10/23 – ABC 8pm)
  • Up All Night** – Christina Applegate and Will Arnett are first time parents in this sitcom with “fizzy topical jokes”.  I think this one might fare better than that horrible one Will Arnett was in last year.  I am very particular about my sitcoms, but if it makes me laugh, I may stick with it. (Wed 9/14 – NBC 8pm)

2. Shows that I am less excited about, but will maybe check out if I let myself go over 10 hours/week:

  • A Gifted ManA rich, handsome neurosurgeon starts to see visions of his dead ex-wife which forces him to pursue questions about healing, faith and why things happen to people.  Could this be the next “Saving Grace” or “Touched by an Angel”? (Fri 9/23 – CBS 8pm)
  • The X FactorSimon Cowell’s new show.  How it is different than Idol?  It has solo acts AND groups, with no upper age limit, and judges that are also coaches (like The Voice that I did not watch).  Since everyone on the planet will watch, I have to check it out, but less interested than I used to be and it is quite time consuming. (Wed 9/21 – Fox 8pm)
  • Ringer – Sarah Michele Gellar (Buffy!) is back and plays one twin pretending to be the other twin, who she thinks has been murdered, to try to find out who did it.  I am not making it sound very good, am I?  it’s Buffy..(Tues 9/13 – CW 9pm)
  • Revenge – the cute patootie Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) from Brothers & Sisters (and Everwood which I adored) plays a bad girl in the Hamptons trying to find out who wronged her father.  Lots of advertising for this one.  Will probably be horrible… (wed 9/21 – ABC 10pm)

Once again, I am in big trouble with my 10 hours/week rule.  We will see how it goes.