Hanging with POTUS

I was in the same room with Barack Obama last night. He is a dude.  He was very far away from me and it was not that much different than watching him on TV, except that it totally was.

For some reason, I assumed it would be a drinking, mixing, and mingling thing . This was not the case.

I arrived at 6:30pm to wait in a very long line.  I went with a few strangers from a meetup that I had never met. I debated even going because  I did not think anyone I knew would pay to attend this event with me and I was not excited about drinking & mingling alone.  But for some reason, when I signed up on the internet to attend with 4 people I didn’t know, it didn’t feel like I was going alone.  I guess that is what Meetup is all about.  But I digress.

So the four strangers and I waited in line together outside for over an hour (even though we had tickets.)  There was no alcohol but we did mingle amongst ourselves.  Two of them were socially awkward but nice (one reminded me of Steve Martin in The Jerk) and the other two were pretty normal.  (Meetup is a total crapshoot.)  We also chatted with some random peeps around us.  No fast and furious friends, but overall not an unpleasant way to spend over an hour.  The weather was nice, I was out of the office.

Anywhoo, I learned while waiting in line that the venue was a theater (no mingling or drinking) and that Barack would not be coming on until about 10pm. (10pm!!!  That’s my bedtime!!)  I almost bailed, but I didn’t.  There was lots more waiting and people watching.  People of every age, color, shape, and size were waiting in line with us.  (I did not see anyone famous unless you count one of the board members of the Tech Meetup who is also an NYC professor.)  Then I sat in my seat and waited for another hour.

Barak came on at about 10pm and I was still awake.  He was funny and it felt like we were all there together (because we were.)  It was his campaign kickoff and I was glad to be there with all of his biggest NYC fans.  We were his third stop of the night by the way, and he was in Chicago on Oprah earlier in the day.  Thank god I am not the POTUS.  That job is only for extroverts.

A lot of his stuff was canned speeches and I kind of tuned it out.  Carefully contrived rhetoric (except when he said something about “sitting around the kitchen table,” I thought to myself, not that many people in NYC actually have a kitchen table, he should have changed that line.) Blah blah blah, I inherited the deficit.  Someday when Michele and I are old and walking in Central Park I want us to have our social security and medicare benefits, blah blah blah.

I have a hard time really getting into politics because I am so literal.  I have to know all of the details and meet everyone personally to get to know them and whether their theories are close to right.  I don’t have good solid reasons for liking my friend Barack except that he is hilarious and just seems really cool.  His sense of humor indicates that he is intelligent and that I would like to hang out with him (he is a little bit cocky though so that might get annoying.)

If I am really going to get involved in this campaign, I will need some talking points.  I can’t just say, “Vote for Barack because he is a dude and the Tea Party is scary.”   Can I?  It did occur to me last night that I always say I have no time to keep up with politics but I do find time to squeeze in The Vampire Diaries every week.  That’s kind of how I roll.  We will see how things progress…