2012 Fall TV Roundup

This post is long overdue. You probably don’t care about fall TV anymore, but I can’t stand leaving things undone. I like to give final commentary on how things flushed out with my fall TV recommendations, so here it is.

In my post, “Barely Getting Ready for Fall TV“, I said I was going to check out 8 new shows this fall. Here is how I am feeling about them now.

Nashville – I watch it every week. I love the tunes. I love Hayden Panetteire. I love the guy who plays Deacon. I still think the writing is really bad and that it is generally not a good show. I am flabbergasted that Connie Britton was nominated for a Golden Globe for this role. So flabbergasted in fact, that is inspired me to write this post. She seems so awkward to me. I just don’t get it, but I do watch every week.

The Mindy Project – I occasionally put this on and it occasionally makes me laugh. I mostly think this is a mediocre show with average comedic value. It is not on my list, so I should not be watching it.

666 Park Ave – cancelled. I watched maybe two episodes, fell behind, and then removed it from my queue once it was cancelled.

Go On – this has accumulated on my TiVo and I have a million better things to do than watch it. I may or may not ever catch up. I should really do about a million other things.

Elementary – I still don’t like procedurals. I find the stories in the show predictable. I have watched a few episodes and have some accumulated on my TiVo. I am curious about the relationship between Holmes and Watson so this might be one of those shows I play while I do other stuff around the house. I don’t like it enough to watch it full out.

Ben & Kate – I still find this hilarious, but sometimes it grates on me a little. I don’t love it as much as New Girl. It is on my official list. I still think the character of Kate is annoying but I read a review that said she was excellent at playing an annoying dork person (or something like that), so maybe she is just an amazing actress?

Last Resort – I never got past two episodes of this and it was cancelled. Done.

Revolution – this is a full fledged ratings hit apparently. Go figure. I just could not muster up interest to give it a far shot after I decided it was horrible.  After the hurricane, I did have some curiosity about a world with no power, but that curiosity did not last more than one episode that I half watched.  I’m done with this one.

In summary, I have added 2 shows to my official list from the new fall season and could live without both of them.

What I could NOT live with out (well, of course I could, but prefer not to) are the many returning shows that I LOVE.

Homeland was amazing this season. Wow! The whole season I kept wondering how they would have a third season with both Carrie and Brody and continue this story. They did it! And I can’t WAIT for season three.

American Horror Story is SO creepy and awesome. I told my sister she was not allowed to watch it with my new baby niece in the house because I don’t want her to absorb any of it in to her subconscious. It is that  creepy. Speaking of creepy, this was my favorite season of The Walking Dead. How about that Governor?  Creepy. How did Andrea get sucked in?

I get a little teary during almost every episode of Parenthood. That is my feel good show, for sure. All I need, is a husband like that Adam Braverman. He is the best.

Scandal is fabulous. I love watching the star crossed relationship between the prez and Olivia Pope, and that woman kicks ass! This show is kind of a procedural, now that I think about it, but it keeps surprising me. That Shonda Rhimes makes good TV!

My fall TV roundup is officially…done.

Initial Thoughts: Nashville

I really want to like Nashville, but so far, I don’t.

I am not loving Connie Britton in this role. I just see Tammy Taylor pretending to be a country star. I believed her as the wife of a philandering psychiatrist living in a haunted house in American Horror Story. I can’t figure out what the problem is here. The writing? The acting? I am just not digging her in this.

Hayden Panettiere, is rocking it, though. She is cute and nasty at the same time and totally believable. She is a great TV villain, and a great singer!  Who knew?

I love the music. I do like my country pop and I am a sucker for the TV musical. I am pretty much over Glee so I might rank this above Glee right now, but below Smash. There is definitely a soap opera quality to the show. Lots of drama between Connie and her father and her husband and her ex and Hayden and Connie’s ex and the young songwriters who work at “The Bluebird” (where they all get to belt out tunes every week.)

Lot’s of attempted drama, I should say. Not successfully pulled off. The drama needs to be either over the top and camp, like Smash, or feel more genuine and real, like The Good Wife or Parenthood. Can you imagine The Good Wife as a musical? That would be hard to pull off. I guess a good TV musical is a tough formula. Can there be a non-camp TV musical?  I am racking my brain to think of one. There have been musical episodes (all camp..Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ally McBeal), but the TV musical series is a new phenom.

The ratings are so-so for Nashville but the critics love it. They apparently think it is well written and that Connie Britton is superb, so maybe I am missing something. I will give it a few more episodes, at least for the tunes.