Foiled by Nasal Spray

I was all excited to get back to my life this week.  I was starting to feel better.  I made it out of the house for brunch, shopping and dinner on Sunday.  I did almost have to leave the clothing store to get water because I was parched, but I assumed it was the bag of salty Pop Chips I had for dinner the night before and the bacon for breakfast.  And yes, I needed a nap before I headed out to dinner, and one on Saturday when I did nothing most of the day, but I figured I was still recovering from the infection in my head.  I thought I was on my way back.

Then Tuesday happened.  I woke up super thirsty.  I drank a whole bottle of coconut water (love that stuff) and I was still super thirsty.  No matter how much I drank, I was super thirsty.  I started to panic and Google “thirsty”.  Since I had just had a full bloodwork done 6 months ago, it seemed unlikely that I had recently developed diabetes or a thyroid problem. Could it be a Vitamin D overdose?  I was taking what Dr Andrew Wiel told me to take in his Vitamin D tweet but maybe I was super sensitive?  I had no clarity and it was unsettling.

After hours of drinking water, worrying, Googling and trying to work,  I managed to shower and head out to the NY Tech Meet Up.  I was excited because my BFF/brother-in-law was attending for the first time and the event is always chock full of really cool demos of fascinating web stuff or app stuff that I wish I knew how to create but I have no idea.

The  NY Tech Meet Up did not go well.  I tried to forget about my excessive thirst but instead I started thinking about all of the times I had been really thirsty the past month, and how often I still wanted to just put my head down and take a nap and had a hard time thinking clearly even though I had finished my antibiotics days before. Needless to say, I could not focus at all on the presentations which frustrated me more.  I got up to go to the rest room and decided I could not go back.  I was too freaked out and thirsty and tired.  I texted my BFF and pulled Houdini.

The next day, I was on the phone with my therapist asking him if I was losing my mind and he asked if I was taking any medications.  I said, “just this nasal spray that the allergist gave me a month ago.” Google. Boo-ya. Potential side effects…..dry mouth and drowsiness!!!!   I did go to get a full blood work up the next day because I had already made an appointment (results not back yet.)  The doctor agreed that the nasal spray could definitely be the culprit.   We reminisced about the panic attack I had when I took a sulfameth antibiotic last month and both agreed that I am just hyper sensitive to medications and need to avoid them unless absolutely necessary!!  And everyone I have come in contact with this week does concur that I do tend to get overly freaked out when I am not feeling well (in case you were not picking up on that.)

So…I have been off the nasal spray for two days and am almost feeling like my old self again.  We will never know for sure if it was the nasal spray (I hate that!) but I will not be squirting anymore of that stuff up my nose.  For the time being, I will battle my sinus issues with the super expensive air purifier my mom convinced me to buy and those fun twice a day nasals rinses.   And maybe NOW I can get back to my life….