My So-Called Life

I am re-watching My So-Called Life, the fabulous series that lasted only one season in 1994-1995 (starring the equally fabulous Clare Danes, love her.)

I don’t re-watch anything.  There is so much great entertainment, why would I watch anything more than once? Dirty Dancing, Grease, and Titanic are obvious exceptions, and now, so is My So-Called Life.

What did I love about this show that still resonates with me?  Angela is a high school student who observes life analyzes stuff in her head that we can hear (sound familiar?).  She is not popular and not unpopular.  She changes friends as part of growing up (I personally find her new friend Rayanne incredibly annoying but I could relate to the shift which happened to me a few times in high school.)

Mostly I could relate to her relationship with Jordon Catalano.  Jordon is hot, but Angela and Jordon have nothing in common.  Jordon does not speak.  Angela likes to believe that Jordon is deep, but there is absolutely no evidence of this.  He is just dreamy. I love watching Jared Leto (aka Jordon Catalano) to this day.

I have dated Jordon Catalano many times.  Number “36” (his football number) in high school was my first Jordon Catalano.  I was obsessed with him.  I made him a pretzel shaped like his football number when I was a cheerleader.  We never officially dated, but if you chase a boy around like a puppy dog long enough, you can get him to make out with you (as proven by both me and Angela).

Even as a grown up I dated my fair share of Jordon Catalanos.  Who remembers the hot personal trainer who was 9 years younger than me, too young to legally drink?  Good times.

Carry on Angela!  I hope you grow out of it before I did, but I thank the Sundance Channel for reuniting me with a version of my high school self again.

Epilogue: For some reason, Jared is going with this look these days, as the front man for “30 Seconds to Mars.” Clearly not because he wants to be taken “more seriously.”  He is a rock star now.  A little farther from my type, but I probably wouldn’t “kick him out of bed for eating crackers” as an old friend used to say.

The Emmy’s Rocked

I love TV, but I don’t love awards shows. They rarely keep my interest. I typically record them and fast forward until I see someone/something interesting or go back the next day when I read about the highlights. But last night was different.

I was almost glued to the TV.  (almost) It was hilarious.  I loved all of Jimmy Fallon’s jokes. (like when he said Tom Selleck was his real dad!!!!)  Loved the random singing with celebrities in the audience.  Medley for shows that ended this year was cute (what was up with pouring out the 40 though?)  The jokes they made about people as they approached the stage cracked me up.  They worked hard to keep it on time, which I really respect. (Being on time requires effort and I always appreciate it!) Ricky Gervais is a very funny man.  Loved it when they showed on the screen “George Clooney in 15 minutes”.  They might have been doing that all night, but that coincidentally is the only one I saw and I assure you, I did not move.

Temple Grandin and Claire Danes

AND and on top of my personal amusement, many of my favs took home awards. Temple Grandin was a great movie and seeing Temple there was awesome. Find it on HBO and watch it.  You will not want to, but trust me, it is good for your heart and more entertaining that you think it will be. Claire Danes is so classy. Loved her since My So Called Life (of course.)

Archie Panjabi – The Good Wife

Modern Family, Dexter, Jane Lynch, NPH, Mad Men. Archie is an unexpected name for a character named Kalinda, but any woman who wears all boots all the time, is cool with me.  Not a huge fan of The Closer but respect Kyra. Hmmm. Is it possible that all of the female winners over 40 might have been Botox/Plastic surgery free, and beautiful? (talking about Kyra and the Closer reminds me of how much I miss Saving Grace, sigh).  You Don’t Know Jack is on my TiVo.  I have tried Breaking Bad but did not love it. Maybe that will be one I try again in the retirement home…along with Nurse Jackie I guess.

So why do I watch the Bachelor Pad and not all of the Emmy winning shows? One of life’s mysteries I guess.

For the record, I started getting a cold last night which might be why I found the Emmy’s so riveting and may also explain why I created this random, stream of conscious, blog entry. And will definitely be my excuse when I go over my 10 hours this week….