The End of Entertainment Christmas

“Everything you think is going to make you happy just turns to crap” – Glenn, Mad Med

OK, I don’t actually believe that.  You may recall me saying a while back that I am becoming more of a glass half full person, which is still true! But this quote from last week’s Mad Men reminds of me how sad I feel when I think about the end of Entertainment Christmas.

The end started last week with the season finale of Game of Thrones. I love that show so much that I might read the books just so I don’t have to be separated from the show when it is not on. Miracle of miracles, Tyrion Lannister survived after masterminding an amazing defense strategy (which did fail, but it was the best he could do!) I can not wait to see how he makes a come back next season. His family sucks, royally. Wouldn’t he and Khaleesi make a great team? Loved the last ten minutes when Khaleesi found her dragons and burned the creepy dudes from the House of the Undying to a crisp and locked sneaky Xaro Xhohan Daxos (he has the coolest name) in a safe with her former handmaid who betrayed her. Don’t cross the mother of dragons who believes she is the rightful ruler of the seven kingdoms, seriously.

This week The Killing and Mad Men come to an end as well. I am looking forward to some closure on this Rosie Larson thing, but  I can’t imagine the show will go in to season three. I will miss Linden and Holder, though (and I know not one of my five blog fans has any idea what I am talking about because I think I am one of maybe 50 people who watch this show.)

Mad Men has had a good run this season. I was expecting Don to spiral a little farther out of control but it seems like they spread that around this season. Crazy times at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price this year. Joan, really?

So how will I entertain myself this summer? True Blood is back tonight! Breaking Bad will start its final season on July 15th (woo hoo!). I will have all of my friends in the Big Brother house to keep me company and don’t forget the guilty pleasure Bachelor Pad.

I also have season two of Downton Abbey to get through (I finished season one in less than a week and upgraded my Netflix subscription to two discs at a time because I can’t wait for it to stream!) and I have made it my personal mission to finish seasons three and four of Battlestar Galactica this summer. I need to know what happened on New Caprica after the Cylons came back! I also have books two and three of the Fifty Shades of Grey series and apparently I am going to read Game of Thrones after that!

I guess life will go on after Entertainment Christmas.

Perhaps I will step out of the air conditioning to enjoy the quiet city in the new summer attire I have been collecting all spring.  Yeah, I should do that, too…

Entertainment Christmas!

I was supposed to write this post last week, because Entertainment Christmas started last week with The Hunger Games and Mad Men and continues this week with Game of Thrones and The Killing.  A cornucopia of awesomeness!  (not like the cornucopia in The Hunger Games which is not such a great place).

I loved The Hunger Games. I read all three books (finished the last on on my way home from Bali) and loved them. It was long, but I was not bored for one minute.  I was holding back tears on multiple occasions, even though I knew exactly what was going to happen. I am not going to explain what it was about. You can find that everywhere else on the web.  The only negative for me, was that I was hoping the movie would be more visually appealing.  I was expecting the capitol to more like Wonderland or Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. This is a fantasy world with the imaginative “area” full of bizzarre manufactured creatures but it did not feel magical.  I guess now that I think about it, the arena is a horrible place and when the kids are there, they are not in awe.  The movie definitely focuses more on the people elements (I am sure that is not the right phrase) and I guess that is what the book is about too.  Anyway, loved it.  If you have not read the books, not sure what you would think of the movie.

The long awaited Mad Men premiere, was equally awesome. Don Draper is still a mess, just married to a younger woman who is more sexually “revolutionized” which will distract them only so long from how messed up he is. The office antics continue and I can’t wait to see what happens to all of the characters this season.  The only thing that stinks is that I have so many awesome shows to watch, I am not sure which to pick on Sunday nights!

I am also really liking House of Lies on Showtime (also on Sunday nights).  The crazy consultants are a very exaggerated version of what I lived for many years.  I assure you, it is NOT all that glamorous to fly around every week and work long hours.  There is not that much partying (or sex) and first class only happens when you get an upgrade in this economy. I will watch Don Cheadle to anything and Kirsten Bell is SO good in this (love her wardrobe). It is apparently, the highest rated comedy on Showtime, ever.  (Which means higher than Californication and Weeds). Interesting.

So tomorrow we get Game of Thrones and The Killing back! I keep thinking about reading Game of Thrones but someone told me not too if I have watched the show, so I haven’t.  Can’t wait to see what’s up with Khaleesi and those little dragons, the horrible spawn of the incestuous couple, and the Golden Globe winning Peter Dinklage who refused to play elves and oompa loopas and kicks ass. And who did kill Rosie?  I am guessing NOT that cute Billy Campbell and that I won’t find out any time soon.

I Have to Wait 8 Months for More Mad Men?

Season finale, unreal.  Don Draper never fails to surprise me.  The smartest, seemingly most together woman in his life who he genuinely cares about on Thursday, tells him he might feel better if he deals with his “stuff” so he runs off to Disneyland and gets engaged to a woman on Monday because she doesn’t cry over a spilled milk shake,  his kids love her, and she makes him feel good about himself.  I guess I should not be that surprised.  But I always expect more from Don.

The whole thing seemed like a dream sequence but that is the beauty of Mad Men.  He wanted his life to feel like a fairy tale but WE had to all be able to see that it was ridiculous and it worked.  We kept waiting for someone to wake up and tell us it was a dream.  No one woke up.  Mad Men is genius.  I can’t believe we have to wait 8 more months to see how this mess turns out.

Betty is a time bomb that I can not wait to see really explode.  Kudos to Peggy who rocks creative.  She better get a Clio next season!  I love it when Peggy and Joan are friends.  I hope Joan does not turn out to be a mom like Betty!   These poor tortured people on Madison Avenue in the 60’s.   The piece de resistance….the finale ended with Sonny & Cher.  Awesome.  (I have loved Cher since probably before I was born)

The only show that come close to Mad Men in my opinion is Rubicon which I have fallen in love with it.  I can’t lose two shows in one night so I am holding off until tomorrow for the Rubicon season finale… (how awesome I found an image of Don and  James Badge Dale!)

Mad Men vs Life Unexpected

I started formulating a post mid week called “Mad Men vs Life Unexpected” and had grand plans to do it justice on Friday, my day off. Sadly, I was derailed by computer issues. (Various unexplained errors preventing Internet Explorer and Firefox from starting up) After visiting a crazy allergist in mid town yesterday, I spent three hours in the office (on my day off!) with my IT guy trying to remedy the situation. In the end, he installed Google Chrome to help me limp along until my new super small laptop arrives. I ordered the “highly portable” laptop so I can stop lugging 6lbs around NYC with either my embarrassing back pack or my even more embarrassing rolling old lady computer bag. (sidenote: already scoping out new shoulder bags to celebrate my new work commute style makeover)

I have digressed. I am now traveling on an Amtrak train to visit my brother upstate and thought I might experiment with crafting a post from my iPhone using the WordPress app.

So what was I going to say about Mad Men and Life Unexpected? Earlier this week, I watched two episodes of Mad Men and the season premiere of Life Unexpected. The differences between the two are stunning. Every episode of Mad Men is like a movie. I don’t want to miss minute and I am fully engaged in the show. These two back to back episodes were beautiful. Watching Peggy and Don hang out at work to avoid their personal lives (boy can I relate to that) and seeing Don hit his all time low with vomit on his shirt asking for another drink. I love their relationship and am thrilled they did not even dabble in the idea of them hooking up. She is his best friend and I hope he knows it.

The following week we see Don shaping up and thank god, because I almost felt hungover myself watching the previous episode. I am sure the swimming had some symbolic association with a baptism/rebirth. He has downgraded to beer (cool refreshing bud) with minor slips to the brown stuff. He finally managed to get a real respectable date with an age appropriate smart woman who he could potentially have a real relationship with (which reminds me of the woman from an earlier season I wish he ended up with, the one who ran the department stores. She reminded me of Dagny Taggert. Why hasn’t he called her?) Betty is a mess. I feel so bad for her because no one really knows how to help her. It appears as though everyone was less self actualized in the 60’s, but this is a TV show centered around character flaws, and people are just as much of a mess today, they just wait until after work to start drinking.

I made the mistake of immediately following “Don’s rebirth” episode with the season premier of Life Unexpected. I loved this show last year, but after the first episode of this season, I have no idea why. The issues are the same. The characters seem one dimensional. Surprise! Irresponsible Bayze’s bar burned down after a one night stand! Kate’s voice is grating. I am bored with Lux’s hats (she needs a new look) and this relationship with her teacher is ridiculous. Seriously, how could you spend an entire evening with a 16 year old and have her maturity level not give her away. She is unusually mature and wise (because she has writers that are older than 16) but I am not buying it. And I am supposed to all of a sudden believe that Ryan is anything less than a perfect guy just so we can leave the door open for Bayze and Kate to get together? All very contrived. The show’s premise really had no where to go and I predict this will be the last season for Life Unexpected.

So those are my rambling thoughts less the hour of obsessive editing and searching for illustrative photos. ( Blogging is very time consuming!) please excuse any errors. There is only so much I can do from my phone.  (UPDATE: I later obsessively added photos.  )

Tomorrow, I plan to let you in on what I am most looking forward to during the big premiere week!!!

The Emmy’s Rocked

I love TV, but I don’t love awards shows. They rarely keep my interest. I typically record them and fast forward until I see someone/something interesting or go back the next day when I read about the highlights. But last night was different.

I was almost glued to the TV.  (almost) It was hilarious.  I loved all of Jimmy Fallon’s jokes. (like when he said Tom Selleck was his real dad!!!!)  Loved the random singing with celebrities in the audience.  Medley for shows that ended this year was cute (what was up with pouring out the 40 though?)  The jokes they made about people as they approached the stage cracked me up.  They worked hard to keep it on time, which I really respect. (Being on time requires effort and I always appreciate it!) Ricky Gervais is a very funny man.  Loved it when they showed on the screen “George Clooney in 15 minutes”.  They might have been doing that all night, but that coincidentally is the only one I saw and I assure you, I did not move.

Temple Grandin and Claire Danes

AND and on top of my personal amusement, many of my favs took home awards. Temple Grandin was a great movie and seeing Temple there was awesome. Find it on HBO and watch it.  You will not want to, but trust me, it is good for your heart and more entertaining that you think it will be. Claire Danes is so classy. Loved her since My So Called Life (of course.)

Archie Panjabi – The Good Wife

Modern Family, Dexter, Jane Lynch, NPH, Mad Men. Archie is an unexpected name for a character named Kalinda, but any woman who wears all boots all the time, is cool with me.  Not a huge fan of The Closer but respect Kyra. Hmmm. Is it possible that all of the female winners over 40 might have been Botox/Plastic surgery free, and beautiful? (talking about Kyra and the Closer reminds me of how much I miss Saving Grace, sigh).  You Don’t Know Jack is on my TiVo.  I have tried Breaking Bad but did not love it. Maybe that will be one I try again in the retirement home…along with Nurse Jackie I guess.

So why do I watch the Bachelor Pad and not all of the Emmy winning shows? One of life’s mysteries I guess.

For the record, I started getting a cold last night which might be why I found the Emmy’s so riveting and may also explain why I created this random, stream of conscious, blog entry. And will definitely be my excuse when I go over my 10 hours this week….

The Dippy Bird Makes an Appearance

I had a busy week at work and no time to formulate a good blog post.   Reality shows were about all I could handle after my long workdays, except the one night when I found myself choosing to watch an old episode of Medium after a few glasses of wine.  The episode from last season where she dreams about the pig was fascinating with a few drinks under my belt.  Anyway, last night, I was recovering from my hangover and a random event occurred that tied my real life to television (happens to me all the time, actually).

A while back, in a meeting,  I noticed the profile of a colleague that looked kind of like this:

I thought to myself, who does he remind me of?  Woody Woodpecker came to mind, but I knew that was not quite it.  Then I remembered this toy my dad used to have on his desk.  A bird with a hat that used to teeter over and dip its beak into a glass of water.  That was it!  This guy reminded me of the Dippy Bird!!!  This realization was too weird to share with my newish work friends and no one outside of work knows the work guy (and most are too young to remember the dippy bird),  so I have been living with this in silence, until now.  Last night, I was catching up on Mad Men and THERE IS WAS!!!  THE DIPPY BIRD ON MAD MEN!!!  I was so excited.  Here it is?  See the resemblance?

I wish I could post a picture of the real guy…