Sorry Barnes and Noble

I just ordered a Kindle.  I have always been in to my gadgets, but I have not had any interest in buying an eReader.  Then, I carried one of the heaviest books that Barnes & Noble sells through more airport corridors, buses, and trams than I thought existed and it put me over the edge.   The woman next to me on the plane (who was reading her Kindle) actually said “That is a mighty big book you are carrying around.”

Why did I choose “The Passage” by Justin Cronin, heaviest book I have ever owned, to bring to Italy?  Because my friend Liz recommended it, it looked awesome (and it was) and  I did not want to run out of reading material.

There were two women on my trip who had Kindles and loved them and I was surrounded by them on the plane.  I am planning more travel in the near future so I decided to do some Google searching and developed this pro/con analysis:

Cons of the Kindle (that have kept me from pursuing this option)

  • I feel bad for Barnes & Noble.
  • I love having a bookshelf that reflects who I am.  I love browsing other people’s bookshelves.
  • You can’t lend your books.
  • I assumed it would be annoying to read.
  • I figured I would get an iPad eventually and would read eBooks on that.

Pros of the Kindle (that I discovered this past week)

  • It’s better for the environment.
  • It is light.  I can carry lots of books and not worry about running out of things to read.
  • Everyone loves their Kindle.  If they can get used to it, so can I.
  • It will pay for itself pretty quickly if i am really going to read more.
  • I just got a super light laptop.  I don’t need an iPad.  AND several people on the internet said they have ipad AND Kindles and prefer to read on the Kindle.  (iPad is heavier and is hard to read in the sun)
  • It might encourage me to read the NY Times and learn more about the world.
  • My bookshelf is full.

I have read three books since I started this blog which I am quite proud of.  (It took me 8 months to read the last book I started pre-blog.  I think that was last year.)  They were all mystery/thriller novels which are not really that much different than watching TV but I feel like I am using more of my brain and in a better way.  I am thrilled that I still have the attention span to read for hours at a time.  Net net, this Kindle could be like vitamins for my brain (especially if I branch out in to non-fiction!)