Breaking the Cleanse

I was dragging for two days post cleanse.  I was trying to eat the right stuff and I was tired and still a little bit spaced out. It was a slow recovery.

This morning, I ate two hard boiled eggs (organic, cage free of course) and it was like a shot of adrenaline. I finally felt the rush of energy that was promised post cleanse. I am 5 pounds lighter and I feel clean and healthy and back!  I loaded up with lots of healthy stuff at whole foods (including the BPC  green juice which is pricey but delicious).

I miraculously banged out three miles this afternoon after a week of only fruits and veggies (and two hard boiled eggs).  Yay!!

I also bought new a pair of jeans that fit perfectly post cleanse so I have to stay in post cleanse form.  I would also like to maintain the overall general sense of health that comes with not eating Doritoes and Oreos.  I am sure they will be back eventually, in moderation.

I will try to spare you from hearing any more about the cleanse, but I do recommend it.  My key takeaway is that it is not a 3 day cleanse.  It is at least a 7 day process.  Prepare, buckle down, and be ready to detox!

The Day After

It’s not exactly over. I was instructed to be so careful on re-entry that I probably consumed fewer calories today than I did yesterday. They were delicious, and all of the fruit, vegetable and nut variety, but not a humungous amount.

I almost fell asleep on the bus ride home, but overall feeling better than yesterday. My brain on food definitely works better than my brain not on food, but it’s not back 100% so I think I used it all up for today.

The Last Juice

Some insights from day 3 of the three day juice cleanse as I sip my very last juice….

Day 3 was the hardest. Logically that makes sense, but I thought I had read some testimonies about “getting over the hump”, so I was expecting today to be a cake walk. Not the case. Yesterday, I felt like I was high. Today, I felt hung over. And hungry!

If I ever do this again (and I am not sure I will) it needs to be on the weekend when I am not in meetings and required to think and be nice to people. Several times today, I said “Ask me again tomorrow after I have had some food”. Not sure my boss appreciated that.

I did not cheat though! Not once! No gum, no coffee, no food. One cup green tea every day (which was allowed), 6 juices, and water.

I was so sad when I got my “last day of the cleanse e-mail” that reminded me I have to ease back in slowly. As much as I want to eat real food, they say I will feel sick if I jump right back in. They recommend fruit all day. Not happening, but I will take it easy (of course, because I am compelled to follow instructions).

I will definitely appreciate every morsel of food I put in my mouth in the coming days. In addition to making my jeans fit better and detoxing my system, I have a much better appreciation for how lucky I am to be able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Many many people are not so lucky. I am even lucky (and crazy) enough to pay money not to eat!!

Tonight, I will go to bed, grateful, hungry, and proud.

Juice Cleanse Day 2 Report

I am feeling better than I was this morning.  I woke up a little shaky but things improved.

It has been a weird day of feeling totally wound up and yet also spaced out.  It’s like my brain is completely clear behind a fuzzy haze.  It’s weird.

I am not that hungry.  Usually, when I feel hungry it is time for more juice.  No upset stomach today.  Woo Hoo!  My body likes the juice.

This was a big day that started off with delivering my first official negative performance review followed by 5 hours with the internal audit team.  Sounds great, right?  Even better when you have not eaten solid food in over a day?  Not as bad as you think.  The fuzzy haze is kind of like having a buzz so stuff does not bother you as much.  It’s weird.

I can totally handle one more day (but glad it is only one)!

Today I am featuring the spicy lemonade.  My bottle says 4 on it.  It is my late afternoon pick me up.  Nothing like a little Cayenne pepper to hold you over to #5.  In about an hour, I get another cashew milk juice.  Yay!!!

Juice Cleanse Day 1 Report

Key Takeaways from Day 1 of the BPC Juice Cleanse:

  • These juices are delicious.  Not sure which is my favorite.  Possibly #6, this Cashew Nut Milk that tastes kind of like ice cream.
  • It is hard to drink this much juice in one day.  Every time I got hungry it was time for another juice, and I am full of juice right now.
  • I thought the juices would have more thickness to them (like V8 juice!) but they don’t.  Very watery.  I can’t even pretend they are food (except the Cashew Nut Milk!)
  • I did have one cup of caffeinated green tea.  I have mixed instructions on whether or not I could have this so I chose to believe the instructions that said I could.
  • I felt more energized than tired.  Maybe a little bit spacey.  I only got 6 hours of sleep last night so I am not jumping up and down with energy, but I have more than I thought I would.  (Apparently this is because my body is not wasting energy on digestion and the juice goes immediately to my veins like heroin.    Good healthy heroin.)
  • I did not feel the jubilation I was expecting about not having to decide what to eat.  I do miss food and I look forward to returning to it on Thursday.  I have already started thinking about what that might entail.
  • My biggest concern about day 2 is that all of the acid kind of upset my stomach a bit. I am hoping tomorrow will be better.


I am embarking on a three-day juice cleanse.

Why, you ask? A couple of weeks ago, someone at my office was doing it and I was jealous of two things (1) he got to eat fruits and vegetables all day long (2) he didn’t have to think about what to eat! I was feeling gross and puffy,  my clothes were a little tight, I was eating like crap, and I was feeling too lazy to think about what to eat three times a day. Seemed like a great plan.

This time I did extensive research and obsessed over the decision. Should I do this?  Should I do it during the week or on the weekend? Which one should I do?

I settled on The BluePrintCleanse. BPC is rated one of the top three juice cleanses in NYC, they will deliver to my door, and they have a great informative and humorous website that implied I might feel euphoric and have a clearer mind on the cleanse! I bit the bullet and handed over my credit card.

Ironically, since I signed up, I have been obsessed with deciding what to eat.  I guess I needed to hand over $200 and make a commitment that I told a bunch of people about, to get motivated to think about what I am putting into my body. And that was the whole point.  I wanted to re-set and re-focus.

The website said I should ease myself into it so the transition is not so bad.  You tell me to prepare, and I will be prepared!

I have been mostly vegan, sugar-free, and dairy-free since Friday. I picked sushi over pizza for lunch on Friday. I switched to green tea from coffee on Saturday. I made a big pot of Trader Joe’s greens, a cucumber and avocado salad with homemade dressing, and my favorite easy Tilapia recipe from my sis (I am a “fish vegan” obviously).

I am not feeling euphoric. I am hungry. I barely got through half of my once-a-week workout yesterday. I have not even started my cleanse yet! This might not go well. I get kind of cranky when I am hungry. Oh boy, what was I thinking?

The juice is coming soon and I paid for it, so I will drink it. What you see above is the green juice I will be consuming twice a day (at approximately 7 am and 12 pm). Hopefully, I will have the energy to update you on my experience as I live through it.

Wish me luck!