Vampire Brain

Here is what has been going through my head since I got back from Christmas with the fam and started my last 6 days of “vacation”:

“I have to finish all of that work I didn’t get to before Christmas…no, I have to rest and rebuild my energy for the crazy 2013 ahead…no, I can’t relax with all of this work hanging over my head…..I have to get back on OK Cupid and find love…is it really worth my time to come up with witty banter to write to men who don’t reply?….I really wanted to read The 4-Hour Work Week on my vacation to figure out how to “work smarter” …I can’t read The 4-Hour Work Week until I get some work done..I really wish I hadn’t downloaded Bubble Bust to my IPad at by brother’s house….I really want to see Lincoln, Les Miserables, Silver Linings Playbook, Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained, and the Hobbit, but I like to go to the movies in the morning when it is not crowded and that is when I do my best thinking…I should get up really early, do some work, then go to the movies…no, I should sleep in, this is vacation!…I should blog more..but there is not enough time I can’t get focused to write anything interesting….”

Welcome to my brain….

This brain banter reminds of the vampire book I am reading called The Twelve (second in a trilogy that started with The Passage.) The government experiments with a virus to try to create super-soldiers and ends up creating twelve vampires from the criminals they were testing on. These are not the sexy, fashion forward vampires from True Blood or The Vampire Diaries. These are creepy monsters that kill most of the humans on the planet. They also create new vampires. The vampires created by the original twelve become part of a “tribe” that has no knowledge of who they are and have one thought, the vision of the murder or rape committed by their maker, that plays over and over in their head.

It’s kind of weird that my brain banter reminds me of these mindless, creepy vampires, right? I can’t explain it, except that the brain banter is annoying. Luckily, not as annoying as having a rape or murder repeating over and over in your mind. One of the many things I have to be grateful for.

I have clearly found some time for reading. (It is vacation!) The Twelve is long and hard to follow, especially on a Kindle where you can’t easily flip back to remind yourself of who is who and where you are in time (it jumps back and forth in time). You also have to remember what happened in The Passage which I mostly don’t because I read it three years ago, but I think I finally have it figured out and it is getting really good. I recommend it.

I have also made time for running, yoga, and meditation to maintain some balance and calm. It helps.

The (seemingly) cute, cool OK Cupid guy who said he wanted to chat, never called. I am not surprised. I have sent a couple more emails that have not been responded to. Good times. I carry on. (I have not emailed my rejectors for feedback. I am fairly certain I will not get a reply and decided I might just come off as creepy. I think I will just play it cool, like its no big deal. Which it isn’t.)

I am caught up on e-mails, the bills are paid, my excess cash is invested, my retirement funds are re-allocated, I reached level 11 of Bubble Bust, I watched The Gray (because James Badge Dale is in it and you know I love him. Spoiler alert: he dies in the first 30 minutes. The movie is not worth it.) and I still have a nice long to do list. I did manage to get out a blog post and I think I can officially say that I am more productive than a creepy vampire!

James Badge Dale Sighting

The search term that brings the most people to my blog is James Badge Dale. This either means that a lot of people want to know what JBD is up to, or I am one of the only sites that talks about JBD. It has been a while since JBD has been mentioned on my blog because Rubicon was cancelled almost two years ago and I haven’t seen him since!

I too miss James Badge Dale so I recently IMDBed him to see what he has been up to. He has been in a few movies lately that I have not seen. The Conspirator, The Grey, and Shame. I decided to start with The Conspirator and do a little review to give the internet some more James Badge Dale material (and not at all as a shameless ploy to get more blog hits.)

The Conspirator is the true story of the trial of Mary Surratt who was accused of conspiring to kill Abraham Lincoln. It was directed by Robert Redford,stars James McAvoy and Robin Wright, and has many other well known actors in smaller parts (Kevin Kline, Evan Rachel Wood, Justin Long, Jonathan Groff…and James Badge Dale.) Sadly, JBD had maybe 20 lines in the film, and he looked kind of weird because it it a period piece and everyone looked kind of weird in 1865.

The movie was not bad. According to the reviews it was “smart”, “historically accurate”, and “true to the period.” It was well acted by the leads (some of the others I would give a so so to on acting. Not Kevin Kline of course.  He is always fabulous.) I learned a lot about this assassination event.  I had no idea that others were killed that night or that there was a group of men involved in a conspiracy, not just John Wilkes Booth. I also learned that these men (and woman) were not given a fair trial by their peers but a military trial that was completely biased against them. This was apparently the last time (or one of the last times) in our history this was allowed to happen. I really do have a hard time sympathizing with confederate south, but these people were pissed and angry people do bad things. And in 1865, they looked weird doing it.

All in all, I liked it. Not a memorable JBD sighting but an entertaining flick, I learned stuff, and I was reminded that I really do want to read a biography of Abraham Lincoln. Perhaps I will tackle that soon. I will also tackle The Grey and Shame and am happy to know that JBD has some new stuff coming up in 2013. Rest assured, JBD is still bringing home the bacon!

Will Rubicon be Saved?

Will we ever find out if and how Truxton Spangler takes his own life as the four-leaf clover bodes?  We are pretty sure Katherine Rhumer won’t be back unless the supposedly lethal  injection was more like what the airplane passengers got on The Event (FYI – they came back to life.)  Is Tanya really going to quit and write another book?  Will Miles have a  nervous breakdown and then live happily ever after with the new chick who speaks Urdu?

I was not surprised at all that Will’s new artsy lover (with the fabulous shower curtain) was really undercover protecting him, but who hired her?  Arliss?  So many unknowns..but what would happen next season?  Will Will (ha ha “will will”) keep trying to take down Atlas McDowell?  Will he find happiness so he can have more than just that one perplexed expression on his face?

I was not as impressed with the Rubicon finale as I was with the Mad Men finale, but I am definitely up for another season.   I am too tired from fighting with PowerPoint all day to elaborate more or make a great case for James Badge Dale and his crew but my friend Maureen Ryan at TV Squad (she is not really my friend) wrote this great article called “Six Reasons to Save Rubicon”…read it and support the cause.  (This article has been archived from the interwebs but you can find Maureen Ryan, former TV critic here)

James Badge Dale has a Sleepover

I love this shower curtain...

..and not with who I thought it would be!  I was dead wrong when I predicted that Will and Maggie would make up this week and hop in to bed (which is good because that would be been predictable and annoying in hindsight – but I do want them to make up!).  Was not expecting him to shack up with the artist across the way.  (Maybe that will happen to me when the people move in to the building they are almost done building in front my “city view”!)  Still liking learning about my characters.  Grant has gotten more likable and is an even more sympathetic character now that we know his wife is kind of a bitch.  Rooting for Miles and the new girl who speaks Urdu.  Looking forward to Tanya’s return from rehab.  Wondering if Miranda Richardson is annoyed that all she gets to do is bop around the city and ask questions for 5 minutes an episode.  I keep waiting for a four leaf clover to fall from the sky and knock her out.  I still don’t totally get what is going on with the CIA informant who I think is dead and might have been playing both sides BUT it does keep going so I will keep trying and maybe the two stories will come together in the end?  What is that Corn Flake loving Spangler up to??????

Looking at Rubicon with New Eyes

I read a review on TV Squad today that made me look at Rubicon with new eyes.  The review called Rubicon the “Addictive Anti-24” and the essence of it was that, unlike 24, Rubicon focuses on how the intelligence world impacts the people in it.  On 24, things move fast, and there is not a lot of time spent on how the characters feel about it all.   Rubicon moves slower (sure does!) but really focuses on the characters and what their world does to them as people.  When I read that, it was like a light bulb went off and I could not wait to watch the next episode.

Hard to say how I would have felt if I had not read that review, but who cares, loved this week’s episode. I am worried that the discovery of the “hydra” made Ed Bancroft crazy and could tell that James Badge Dale (Will) was worried too!  (He is such a good guy. And not like vampire Damon good, like REALLY good.)  I am annoyed that Kale ratted out Maggie but believe he did it with the best of intentions and I am pretty sure after seeing the preview for next week that Will forgives her, big time.  I do hope that confusing intelligence project they were working on is over, because I was not in to that, but I definitely want to know what is going on at Atlas McDowell!!  How creepy is that corporate dude/bad friend to Katherine Rhumer.  He deserves to be spied on.  (Although I would love my own executive bathroom).   So glad Tanya is not fired.  Maybe Spangler is not the devil?  Or maybe it is too much of a security leak to ever fire people.

Last week, I was annoyed by the pace and all I could think about was “why does he keep picking up that owl?”  This week, when he was checking out the bug in his apartment (which I noted looks like a mini walkie talkie and thought that was cute) I was thinking, “that is what I would do.  I would not be able to stop thinking about the bug in the owl.  I would think about removing it but would be scared, so I would probably keep opening up the owl to just look at the bug.”  I think this week, he felt so empowered by having the  “phone list” that he finally had the balls to squash one of the bugs.  That was awesome.  Makes me want to go back and buy the owl necklace I saw this weekend that reminded me of Rubicon.

One more thing that the TV Squad review mentioned was that James Badge Dale was on season 3 of 24.  Could not place him.   I IMDBed it.  He played Chase Edmunds, Jack’s partner who was secretly dating Jack’s daughter Kim.  I thought he looked familiar, but there was no way I would place him because his hair is way more bushy now. (This is JBD as Chase Edmunds on the left)

Link to the TV Squad review: ‘Rubicon’ Is the Addictive Anti-’24’: