Early Summer Round Up

Clearly, I am having a hard time keeping up with the blog. I just haven’t been super inspired to write lately. I thought I would pop in today to update you all on what I have been doing, entertainment wise, since the end of Entertainment Christmas.

I know you’ve been dying to know what I decided on entertainment dilemma #2 – should I watch this season of The Bachelorette? Things were getting a little sparse on my Tivo, so I caved. Emily seemed pretty boring, at first. She is beautiful, in that fake barbie doll way, but she didn’t seem to have much personality. I stuck with it and it got better.  Emily started showing some chutzpah! She is not afraid to let guys go or tell them off, but still displays the on camera tears to give us the impression that she has some heart. I am once again sucked in to the unrealistic romantic adventures of a fabulously dressed woman who has hot men professing their love for her after three dates as she gallivants around the world making out with all of them. Good times and so not like anyone’s real life.

On the flip side, I watched Downton Abbey Season 2 in one week. Loved it.  Also so unlike anyone’s real life. Now that I think of it, not the flip side at all. How DO I manage to keep up my 600 square foot apartment without a full staff? I struggle through zipping up my own dresses, pouring my own wine, and getting myself around town without a driver. I do dress for dinner, although usually in my PJs. The lesson here is that crazy drama can happen anywhere. Even in a house full of people who’s only purpose seems to be to keep up their own house and look good. (Kind of like the Real Housewives!)  Can’t wait to see what next season holds for the Crawley/Grantham’s (isn’t that confusing? why do they have two names?) Apparently Shirley McClaine will go head to head with Maggie Smith. Bring it on!

What else? Falling Skies is back. It’s getting better.  The aliens abducted Noah Wiley for three months and now he is back but we don’t know how he was impacted.  That’s a Sci Fi mystery. His son seems to be some kind of alien sleeper with super human strength. Hmm.. The group is now headed to Charleston where they hear there is hot water and government. Woo hoo!

I am drudging my way through book two of Fifty Shades of Gray. It’s OK, not great. I am curious to see what happens, with “Fifty” and Anastasia, I guess.  I mostly want to finish up book two so I can read Gone Girl, which I have heard is gripping. Andersen Cooper just finished it.  He loved it.  Then maybe I will come back to book three. Or maybe not.

I watched three flicks that I really liked in the past month: Extremely Loud Incredibly Close (which had me sobbing), War Horse (also a bit sentimental and I liked it more than I thought I would), and The Artist (great movie). I also watched about 75% of Rise of the Planet of the Apes which I hated so much I couldn’t finish it.

On the 4th of July I was entertained by ten adorable children doing a birthday rap followed by a mini dance party for one of my BFFs.  That might have been my favorite entertainment since Game of Thrones. Watching a four year old unexpectedly break out the robot, is pretty hard to top.

Falling Skies

I got sucked in to Falling Skies on TNT. ( I do like my sci fi.) It was highly promoted (since it’s executive producer is Steven Spielberg, who also likes his sci fi) so I decided to record it but did not plan to actually watch it. Then I found out it got renewed for a second season after the second episode , which is always a good sign, so I decide to check it out.

The pilot starts by showing drawings by small children (with the kids explaining the photos) explaining how aliens showed up one day, out of the blue, turned off all of the electricity and started killing people. A very creative way to start the show (I am not doing it justice). I kept watching.

There are some humans who survived. The attack appears to have happened pretty recently (like in the past month). They probably revealed that when I got up for a snack, because I should know that. The survivors are moving in packs, led by the military trying to find food, stay alive, and learn more about these aliens so they can try to fight back. The aliens are now living on earth with them and have a bunch of kids “harnessed” with some alien thing on their back that turns them in to zombie slaves. We really aren’t sure what this is all about. By episode three we learn the aliens can talk to people through the harnessed kids…interesting.

Now that I am writing this, its sounds similar to The Walking Dead, doesn’t it? A little different though since there are more layers to explore with another species and other planets involved (obviously).

There is also enough emotional drama between the humans to keep me interested.

The lead is Noah Wyle (aka Dr. Carter from ER..love him!). Dr. Carter is the #2 man in his resistance group. I believe he was chosen, even though he is a civilian, because he is a history professor who has a lot of knowledge about war, and of course, he was Dr. Carter (they don’t talk about that on the show, but they all know). He has some chemistry with the attractive pediatrician in the group but Dr. Carter’s wife was recently killed by aliens, so he won’t be able to move on for a few episodes. Dr. Carter has three sons, two are with the group and one has been harnessed by aliens. OOOoooo…drama!

Suspense, intrigue, romance, aliens. Pretty much all I need to keep me entertained for a while. We will see how long it keeps my attention.