Barely Getting Ready for Fall TV

The Fall TV season is upon us and I am completely unprepared. I wish I could tell you I have been out and about pursuing my Happiness Project resolutions, but this is not the case. My post headstand bliss and inspiration has been put on hold by extremely important power point projects that my boss says will  “change the way my company does business.” Is this more important than Fall TV? This is debatable, but my power point skills do support my cable, TiVo, and Entertainment Weekly subscriptions.

I was able to take some time today to (1) order a new TiVo DVR expander to store all of the shows I won’t have time to watch this fall (2) peruse the Entertainment Weekly Fall TV issue.

I am much more excited about my many returning favorites, than anything new this fall, but I don’t want to miss out any important pop culture events, so here is what I will be checking out:

NashvilleThis is the only one I am actually “excited” about. Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights, American Horror Story) is a middle-aged country music singer in a bitter rivalry with up-and-comer Hayden Panetteire (the cheerleader from Heros).  Sounds like Country Strong every week (this is a good thing)! Love my musical shows.  Love Connie. It is an EW best pick. I predict this will stay on rotation. (ABC, Wed, 10-11pm, Oct 10th)

The Mindy Project – Supposedly promising new comedy staring the actress that played Kelly Kapoor on the Office (who also exec produces). The show centers around a “highly competent ob-gyn who’s private life is a mess of failed romances”.  Sounds kind of familiar….. Also an EW best pick. (Fox, Tue, 9:30-10pm, Sep 25)

666 Park Ave – Described as a cross between The Shining, Rosmary’s Baby, and Devil’s Advocate. Sold! This “Hotel California” building is in Manhattan but residents can move in, but never move out.  It will probably be a dud, but could be a guilty pleasure (like Dirty, Sexy, Money!) you never know.. (ABC, Sun, 10-11pm, Sep 30)

Go On – the new Matthew Perry show is funny.  Matthew lost his wife in a car accident and his boss makes him join a support group full of pretty funny people. He does his best to avoid his feelings and get everyone in the group to do the same. Trust me, it’s amusing. The pilot ran during the Olympics and it made me chuckle.  As did episode 2 last week. Check it out. (NBC, Tue 9:30pm)

Elementary – Sherlock Holmes is transplanted to the NYC and has a female Watson (Lucy Liu). It’s a CBS procedural so it is bound to be a huge hit. EW says it has crisp writing. I think a couple of my blog fans might like this one more than I will, but I am a little bit curious.. (CBS, Thu, 10-11pm, Sep 27th)

Ben & KateEW Best Pick about a brother who moves in to help his sister raise her 5 year old daughter. Described as quirky and funny. Could be cute. Stars daughter of Don Johnson (hot!) and Melanie Griffith (not hit since the plastic surgery).  (Fox, Tue, 9:30-10pm)

Last Resort – EW Best Pick. I have to check it out because of the stars. Andre Braugher (so cool) and Scott Speedman (remember him from Felicity?). Apparently, these two work well together and the pilot has “gut-tightening tension” when a sub crew defies command to set of a nuclear missle and has to hide out on an island. Doesn’t sound like something I will love , but it is an EW pick. (ABC, Thu, 8-9pm, Sep 27)

Revolution – Set 15 years after all power is zapped from the planet. A high concept show that could be the next Lost (but probably not), or another one season wonder that I love and gets canceled (FlashForward, The Event), or one that I never got in to that gets canceled (Terra Nova) This one, I will record but won’t watch unless I hear good buzz.  (NBC, Mon, 10-11pm, Sept 17)

Already this is WAY too much because I have a zillion returning shows to watch!!  Including, but not limited too: Homeland, Dexter, American Horror Story, Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, New Girl, Parenthood, The Good Wife, Fringe, Scandal, Boardwalk Empire.  Ugh!!  When will I find time for happiness….

How do I know when everything is coming back?  I don’t have to know because my TiVo knows….

I Heart Fall TV!!!

The Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview is here.  I am less obsessive about the Fall TV season than I used to be (I am a recovering TVaholic after all) but I still love it.

I have perused EW and reflected on promos I have been seeing all summer and here are the shows I am most interested in seeing, separated into two categories (** are also EW’s best new shows picks)

1. Shows that I am the most excited to check out that have the best chance of being added to the line up permanently (which will of course be a problem because the line up is full)

  • American Horror Story** – Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights!) and Dylan McDermott (hot!) have a troubled marriage and live in a haunted house with their cranky teenager.  “The jolts and musty room surprises in the pilot never stop and the rapid fire editing is a dizzyind wonder to behold”.  I will love this. (Wed 10/5 – FX 10pm)
  • Terra Nova – its 2149, the world has gone to pot due to global warming, and some brave peeps set out to time travel back to prehistoric earth where resources are abundant.  There will be special effects and dinosaurs. I am quite curious. (Mon 9/26 – Fox 8pm)
  • Homeland** – in this “twisty” Showtime drama, Claire Daines (who I love, as you know)  thinks a US POW returning from Iraq might be a traitor.   She may also be mentally unstable and is supposedly neurotically-obsessive.  Can’t be missed. (Sun 10/2 – Sho 10pm)
  • The Secret Circle – from the creators of the Vampire Diaries and starring the adorable teenage daughter from Life Unexpected, a young orphan finds herself in a town full of cleverly snarky witches.  This is the type of age inappropriate, ridiculous stuff I constantly get sucked in to. (Thu 9/15 – CW 9pm )
  • Person of Interest** – JJ Abrams’ latest staring Lost’s Benjamin Linus and Jesus from Passion of the Christ.  Future NYC is wired with security cameras so you can see when a crime is going to happen, before it happens, and the duo mentioned above chase them down.  EW describes it as a “thinking viewer’s action show.”  Might not be my favorite genre, and JJ let me down last year, but he will always get another chance with me. (Thu 9/22 – CBS 9pm)
  • Once Upon a Time – one of two fairy-tale themed shows this season which is kind of cool.  A group of fairy tale characters are trapped in a Maine town (love Maine) are cursed in to forgetting their identities.  This one claims to have a Lost story telling method where the audience gets pieces of the puzzle and has to put them together. Hmmm… (Sun 10/23 – ABC 8pm)
  • Up All Night** – Christina Applegate and Will Arnett are first time parents in this sitcom with “fizzy topical jokes”.  I think this one might fare better than that horrible one Will Arnett was in last year.  I am very particular about my sitcoms, but if it makes me laugh, I may stick with it. (Wed 9/14 – NBC 8pm)

2. Shows that I am less excited about, but will maybe check out if I let myself go over 10 hours/week:

  • A Gifted ManA rich, handsome neurosurgeon starts to see visions of his dead ex-wife which forces him to pursue questions about healing, faith and why things happen to people.  Could this be the next “Saving Grace” or “Touched by an Angel”? (Fri 9/23 – CBS 8pm)
  • The X FactorSimon Cowell’s new show.  How it is different than Idol?  It has solo acts AND groups, with no upper age limit, and judges that are also coaches (like The Voice that I did not watch).  Since everyone on the planet will watch, I have to check it out, but less interested than I used to be and it is quite time consuming. (Wed 9/21 – Fox 8pm)
  • Ringer – Sarah Michele Gellar (Buffy!) is back and plays one twin pretending to be the other twin, who she thinks has been murdered, to try to find out who did it.  I am not making it sound very good, am I?  it’s Buffy..(Tues 9/13 – CW 9pm)
  • Revenge – the cute patootie Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) from Brothers & Sisters (and Everwood which I adored) plays a bad girl in the Hamptons trying to find out who wronged her father.  Lots of advertising for this one.  Will probably be horrible… (wed 9/21 – ABC 10pm)

Once again, I am in big trouble with my 10 hours/week rule.  We will see how it goes.

TVaholic Picks Her Potential New Favs of the 2010 Fall TV Season

I have 21 minutes until the official “premiere week” officially kicks off. My computer is relatively stable at the moment so here it goes!  I am grateful that there are not many shows that appeal to me this season since I have this 10 hour rule.  Maybe as I have gotten older, my tastes have gotten more refined?  Hmm… I do still watch ever episode of Big Brother.  Well, whatever the reason, it bodes well for my plan.   I read all of the TV Squad reviews and poured over Entertainment Weekly, and used my new show prediction radar and the show I am MOST excited about is….

The Event – Mysteries, political intrigue and flashing forward and backward to tell the story.  Sounds perfect.   I miss Flash Forward so I am hoping this is something similar..but better!

Runners up include:

Lone Star – I was feeling obliged to watch this because it got great reviews, but I saw a preview on TiVo and I might actually like it…

The Whole Truth – I love Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow.  I hope I like this..but the jury is out (that was a pun about this legal drama.  Get it?:)

No Ordinary Family –  Family develops super powers when their plane crashes on vacation.  Seems like a cool premise..OK, I am kind of excited about this one

Running Wilde – I was a huge Arrested Development fan and loved Felicity.  If this is anything like Arrested Development, I will love it.  Reviews are not great but they supposedly  did some rework.

Undercovers – I might be over this spy couple stuff but it is JJ I have to give it a try.

So those are my top picks for shows that might added to the rotation.  I am giving myself a little slack this week to check out new shows AND catch my old returning favs (like Fringe!!!!!!!!!) but I do find I have less patience with hours and hours of television so I might get bored and actually want to go out and see real human beings before I get through my list.   I am a recovering TVaholic after all!  We will see what happens….