Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

I have devolved. I spent the past three weeks just working and watching television. Literally. That’s it. In my defense, I did have the longest cold in the history of the world, but it is way too easy for me to slip into the work/TV thing. It’s my sweet spot.

I was reminded of some words of wisdom on an episode of The Following last week “Nothing changes if nothing changes”. So true.

Here’s what’s changing. I am hopping over to Hawaii for a few days for some fun in the sun with my sister/BFF and about 2,000 people that I work with.  The “people I work with” part I could do without but that is the part that makes the trip 100% free, so I can suck it up.

I decided I should put in more effort to wrangling up some dates for when I return. Unfortunately, the “2,000 people that I work with” will most likely be married or with dates. I’m not expecting any romance in Hawaii, although I will have my super fun wing woman with me should any hot surfer dudes be lurking about.

The online date wrangling seemed preferable to “finding events to attend where there might be men.” I had a fabulous conversation with my therapist this week about why I have decided that I will not meet a man at a JCC Shabbat dinner even though, in reality, I have absolutely no idea if this is true. I end up countering with “I’m really not that Jewish anyway” to put an end to it. (I’m really not. I just happened to be on the JCC email list. Well, I am a little bit Jewish and I occasionally consider exploring that, which is why I am on the email list.) It doesn’t have to be the JCC, I can find a reason why I won’t meet a man at pretty much any event. We have had this conversation at least 100 times.

To put an end to this endless loop of a conversation that I keep paying my therapist to have with me  (and because “nothing changes if nothing changes”), I took my new profile back out for a spin today and sent some more emails. I got two responses IMMEDIATELY. Could it be my new profile?

I am currently (while I write this post) engaging in a conversation with one of these guys. He is a teacher. Teachers are cool. We will see where this goes.

In addition to the bevy of dates I will be going on when I get back from Hawaii, I will also be heading back to yoga. I found my favorite teacher who stopped teaching at my studio and will either haul my but to midtown to take classes with her or hire her for private sessions. Life should include yoga. Period.

I might also need a TVcation. Now that Downton Abbey Season 3  has wrapped, and after I watch The Bachelor season finale (I am betting on Ashley by the way), can’t I live without TV for a week?  I did get that word of wisdom from The Following. That was helpful. I would have to find something a lot better to do than seeing what Olivia Pope and The Gallaghers are up to. I do live in the greatest city in the world, but it’s so easy to spend all of your time alone in the Big Apple. I could write a book about it. Or a blog…oh, wait. I do! No wait, I will be going on so many dates that I won’t even be thinking about television. Booyah!

Early Summer Round Up

Clearly, I am having a hard time keeping up with the blog. I just haven’t been super inspired to write lately. I thought I would pop in today to update you all on what I have been doing, entertainment wise, since the end of Entertainment Christmas.

I know you’ve been dying to know what I decided on entertainment dilemma #2 – should I watch this season of The Bachelorette? Things were getting a little sparse on my Tivo, so I caved. Emily seemed pretty boring, at first. She is beautiful, in that fake barbie doll way, but she didn’t seem to have much personality. I stuck with it and it got better.  Emily started showing some chutzpah! She is not afraid to let guys go or tell them off, but still displays the on camera tears to give us the impression that she has some heart. I am once again sucked in to the unrealistic romantic adventures of a fabulously dressed woman who has hot men professing their love for her after three dates as she gallivants around the world making out with all of them. Good times and so not like anyone’s real life.

On the flip side, I watched Downton Abbey Season 2 in one week. Loved it.  Also so unlike anyone’s real life. Now that I think of it, not the flip side at all. How DO I manage to keep up my 600 square foot apartment without a full staff? I struggle through zipping up my own dresses, pouring my own wine, and getting myself around town without a driver. I do dress for dinner, although usually in my PJs. The lesson here is that crazy drama can happen anywhere. Even in a house full of people who’s only purpose seems to be to keep up their own house and look good. (Kind of like the Real Housewives!)  Can’t wait to see what next season holds for the Crawley/Grantham’s (isn’t that confusing? why do they have two names?) Apparently Shirley McClaine will go head to head with Maggie Smith. Bring it on!

What else? Falling Skies is back. It’s getting better.  The aliens abducted Noah Wiley for three months and now he is back but we don’t know how he was impacted.  That’s a Sci Fi mystery. His son seems to be some kind of alien sleeper with super human strength. Hmm.. The group is now headed to Charleston where they hear there is hot water and government. Woo hoo!

I am drudging my way through book two of Fifty Shades of Gray. It’s OK, not great. I am curious to see what happens, with “Fifty” and Anastasia, I guess.  I mostly want to finish up book two so I can read Gone Girl, which I have heard is gripping. Andersen Cooper just finished it.  He loved it.  Then maybe I will come back to book three. Or maybe not.

I watched three flicks that I really liked in the past month: Extremely Loud Incredibly Close (which had me sobbing), War Horse (also a bit sentimental and I liked it more than I thought I would), and The Artist (great movie). I also watched about 75% of Rise of the Planet of the Apes which I hated so much I couldn’t finish it.

On the 4th of July I was entertained by ten adorable children doing a birthday rap followed by a mini dance party for one of my BFFs.  That might have been my favorite entertainment since Game of Thrones. Watching a four year old unexpectedly break out the robot, is pretty hard to top.

Entertainment Dilemma Update

In my last post, I wrote about a few entertainment dilemmas I was having. I have since caught up on all of the episodes of Revenge season one that I missed including the so-called shocking season finale. Rest assured that I could have easily lived the rest of my life, not knowing what happened. As for being shocked, I have been watching General Hospital for over 30 years, I have seen it all.

(Spoiler alert)

Was I shocked when the real Amanda (passing as Emily) kissed Jack after his dog died, no. Was I shocked when the psycho Emily (passing as Amanda) showed up pregnant with Jack’s baby (supposedly) so he can’t be with the real Amanda, not really. (I was a little sad though, I do like the idea of Jack and Emily, but I am sure they will work it out in season two.) Was I shocked when show’s matriarch/diva, Victoria Grayson died in a plane crash on her way to Washington to testify against her estranged husband for a terrorist act that they pinned on the real Amanda’s father whom she was in love with? Not really, although I am curious to know how they will bring her back to life because clearly, the show can not go on without her. Was I shocked when the love child of the real Amanda’s father and Victoria took an overdose when she saw the news about the plane crash and her ex-boyfriend (Jack’s brother, whom she treated horribly) refused to talk to her. Certainly not. And I was most definitely not shocked when Amanda thought all of the evidence that could exonerate her father went down on the plane, but then she found out that Nolan unencrypted the disk and made a back-up before he handed it over to the feds (after they escaped form being handcuffed to the wall).  Duh! And of course, the disk had evidence that the real Amanda’s mother (whom she thought died when she was a child) is still alive and part of all of this terrorist nonsense.  You have to work harder than that to shock me!

Will I watch season two? I am sure I can find something better to do with my time, although I have a feeling, by how vividly I remember the details of that finale, that I might pop in to see what these crazy people are up to next year. Sigh.

In slightly more dignified news, I did also watch the first two episodes of Downton Abbey and I love it. It’s not really all that different than Revenge, but a period piece set in the early 1900’s in England does have a more dignified feel, doesn’t it? It’s a PBS show where people have British accents! Anyone who is anyone has seen Downton Abbey so I am now, officially, someone.