I Detoxed Again

Two weeks ago, I took a 7 day break from work, television, gluten, alcohol, coffee, processed foods, and NYC. I headed upstate to a cute little town called Hudson, NY for a week of meditation, exercise, massage, healthy eating, one on one nutrition sessions, and a little bit of life coaching. A week for the mind, body, and spirit that was right up my alley.

Let me tell you, that when I got back, I felt like Wonderwoman for many days. After exercising 5 hours a day (yoga, hiking, and Pilates) I had muscles pop up that I completely forgot I had. My skin looked amazing. I felt refreshed, and pretty zen. (Don’t worry, I was not wearing this outfit around town, but I would have looked great in it if I had.)

Since I no longer have a personal chef and someone handing me a daily schedule that includes 5 hours of exercise, it hasn’t been quite the same since I returned, but I have made some changes.

I made kale chips twice and only burned them the first time.

I switched to popcorn popped in olive oil (instead of corn oil) with a nutritional yeast topping instead of Parmesan cheese.

I did the first of my (maybe) weekly one day juice cleanses to reset my system after my college women’s weekend which included french fries, non organic turkey sausage and not free range eggs, pasta (whole wheat!), wine, and some super yummy deserts.

I bought all of the ingredients for whole wheat sesame noodles and then realized I need a blender to make them so I now have a lot of ginger that I don’t know what to do with.

I bought chia seeds and put too many in my water pitcher and they took the whole thing over like aliens. (Did you know that the seeds used to make Chia Pets are actually super good for your digestive system? I am still not sure exactly what the right ratio is for this super healthy chia water, but if you figure it out, let me know.  You can also make chia pudding with them, which I will probably never do.)

Side note: If I hadn’t written this blog post, I never would have known that Barack Obama Chia Pets existed. This is something I could have lived without knowing.

I replaced my post-dinner Annie’s Bunnies graham snacks with organic dates, a delicious and sweet treat!

I have stuck to my pre-detox daily meditation practice and have almost completed month #2! Go me! I am still not sure when I will transition from 20 minutes of thinking to 20 minutes of not thinking but I will keep plugging away.

On a less positive note, I have exercised once in the past two weeks, but I do walk really fast everywhere I go!

I don’t totally feel like Wonderwoman any more, but I feel pretty good, and I have definitely decreased the toxins in my day to day life.

Tomorrow, I run….

If you want to check out this fabulous detox program for yourself (because I barely told you about it), visit my good friend Erica’s web page, Escape to Shape. I have traveled with Erica to Morocco, Italy and Bali. There is no better way to travel or detox, I assure you!

And if you happen to be passing through Hudson, NY, you MUST stay at the Hudson Merchant House run by my new friend Roy (and his partner Mike.)