The World Would Suck Without Artists

Last night, I finally made it to City Winery.  This place is awesome in many ways.  It’s an intimate venue for music where you can reserve your seat ahead of time, eat delicious food, and drink wine while you watch an awesome performance at a decent hour.   So up my alley.

My first City Winery experience was something called “The Cabinet of Wonders.”  This event was randomly chosen because it was happening on a night when I was looking for something to do with an old friend and there were tickets available three days before.  We lucked out because it was awesome.

“The Cabinet of Wonders” is described as “a variety show of sorts.”  The master of ceremonies, John Wesley Harding, is an English transport with distinguished gray hair and a great sense of humor.  The evening consists of alternating music, readings, and comedy acts, with various performers rotating on the stage, sometimes alone, sometimes together.  The comedy was hilarious.  (Last minute guest Leo Allen had me rolling, and it is not easy to make me laugh.) The music alternated between funny and serious and was mostly good.  (Actually, it was all really good, I just liked some more than others.)

One of the readings was a short humorous story about a guy wondering how cheese was invented.  Another act had one of the comedians (Eugene Mirman, so funny) played an instrument called a  theremin while he and the hot Englishman alternated reading tweets. (The theremin, pictured left, uses body heat to make eery sounds. That’s funny, right?)

It was like watching a bunch of creative people hanging out at a party.  They were having so much fun.

One of the songs was about watching a meteor shower.  (This was one of the serious songs, I think.) While the duo was singing, I was thinking about cool it was that someone was actually inspired enough by a meteor shower to write a song about it.

As I go through my day-to-day life creating power points, figuring out what my next meal will be, and deciding which jacket to wear, I am not thinking about nature or paying nearly enough attention to what is going on around me.  I felt grateful that artists exist and appreciative that they are nice enough to share their artistic musings with the rest of us.

“The Cabinet of Wonders” at City Winery was a perfect NYC evening.  Love when that happens!