Big Brother 15: These People Are Crazy

This is the 15th season I have been watching Big Brother. I remember watching season 1 from a hotel room when I was a consultant. I didn’t even have a TiVo back then. At the time I had one of those VCRs that fast forwarded through the commercials. That thing was amazing.

Back to BB15.

The contestants this year, are more annoying than ever. First of all, super annoying Rachel’s sister is a house guest. (That would be Rachel of Rachel and Brandon fame, otherwise known as Brachel.) We already had to watch this unbelievably annoying woman on TWO seasons of Big Brother and now we have to watch her sister who has the same annoying voice? Ugh!

Where is the older and wiser person to keep everyone sane (especially those of us watching)? This is just a bunch of crazy, stupid young people! There were three showmances going in week 1! These crazy, stupid young people are mean and they lie. One horrible chick could not wait 45 minutes for a drink so she drank all of the wine that the poor “have nots” had been waiting until midnight to have and then lied about it straight out.  (FYI “have nots” have to eat slop – which is like oatmeal, can not consume alcohol,  take cold showers, and sleep in a very uncomfortable room for a week.) After that she apparently said racist things about the Asian woman she stole the wine from. (This all happened on the live feeds where you can pay to watch every minute of what these people are doing. I do not pay for this. I am not completely crazy. I read about it on Twitter.)

The first alliance is called “The Moving Company”. The fact that the alliances need a name, is just silly, and there have been some ridiculous alliance names, but this one is pretty bad. I loved the Quack Pack last year, mostly because they realized this was a stupid name…I think! Obviously, “Chill Town” was the best alliance, ever.

Of course, this all makes great TV that is a complete waste of my time. My favorite quote from the first show came from a pizza delivery boy who is turning out to be my favorite player so far. “I don’t aspire to anything except being the best damn delivery boy there as ever been.”

Clearly, you don’t want to miss BB15.

I Finally Tackled Battlestar Galactica

I finally finished the entire series if Battlestar Galactica. It was awesome. Possibly my biggest accomplishment of 2013, so far. (Let’s do hope I can top that, though) For those of you who know nothing about Battlestar Galactica, let me tell you a little bit about it.

Humans invented a race of machines that got pissed and revolted against the humans. When the series starts, the machines (Cylons) have destroyed the human’s planets (The Twelve Colonies) and all that is left of humanity is flying around in space ships.  I think they survived because they were in space when their planets were destroyed. (Did I mention this is in the future?) The Battlestar Galactica is the only military ship of the fleet so it is the “star” of the series and where most of the action takes place. Edward James Olmos (Stand and Deliver) is the commander of Galactica and he rocks.

So these people are flying around space, at war with the Cylons, sometimes at war with themselves.  They establish a government with a president (Laura Roslin who also rocks) and they have all kinds of adventures.

What makes it so awesome? Well, the whole Cylon thing is pretty cool. They evolved themselves in to race that looks exactly like humans. There are 13 models with multiple copies of each model.  The models can resurrect themselves (in these gross bathtubs on on resurrection ships) when they die. As you can imagine, this makes things pretty interesting. Throughout the series these 13 models are revealed. At the end of season four you are really shocked when you find out who four of the “final five” are. (I won’t give it away but it is huge!).  The “final five” are this huge secret until the last season. They invented the other “humanoid” Cylons but no one will ever talk about them. It gets crazy, trust me.

The humans are some pretty cool characters too.  I like outer space, in general, for some reason, but I like it more with interesting characters.  There are very strong female characters like Starbuck, a crazy dare devil pilot who drinks a lot and has a lot of sex and breaks a lot of men’s hearts. She is also supposed to lead humanity to its end (which is still confusing to me, because humanity survives – sorry for the spoiler.) She kicks ass and is not afraid of anything, except intimacy. (Who isn’t? Intimacy is pretty scary.)  Gaius Baltar is my favorite. Kind of an ass (no really an ass) but he is hilarious and smart (and kinda hot) and does get to be less of an ass over time. He “sees” one of the Cylons as if he were schizophrenic and you don’t really know why until the very end.  Let’s just say it has something to do with the religious undercurrent of the series.

By the end, Cylons and humans are falling in love with each other and having babies while they fight amongst themselves and with each other. They have crazy shared dreams, disappear for months and come back from the dead. Some find out they are machines when they had NO idea their whole lives. They find Earth, get really sad, and then find Earth again.  I am telling you, it gets really crazy.

Check it out. It’s good stuff.

Poor Smash

There has been a lot written about the downfall of Smash lately. The show has been moved to Saturday nights, its stars are signing on for new pilots, and it is expected to be cancelled (although not official yet.)  They’ve already filmed the rest of Season 2 (how did anyone know anything before Twitter?), but if I had my druthers, here is how I would like to see Smash go out:

  • Katherine McVee should sing for approximately 30 minutes of every show. She can sing anything (and much better than she can act.) Love her.
  • For about 10 minutes, have the cute guy who use to be on Fast Forward complaining about something, because I find him kind of entertaining.
  • Please don’t show Debra Messing doing anything. She irritates me.
  • Angelica Houston can only participate if she grows out her hair. Her look is horrendous. (and to be completely honest, I can’t believe she won an Oscar. Maybe this just isn’t her genre.)
  • That new hipster guy can join Katherine for a couple of duets and occasionally throw out an awesome line like “I am going to smoke some pot and go to work” (for some reason, that cracked me up)
  • Please, please, please don’t have Tom do any more Broadway routines. It’s embarrassing.

As horrible as the show has become (it was never really that great), I will watch every remaining episode, because I like to see things through.

Have I mentioned that I hunted down a pair of La Duca shoes that I saw on Smash last year and they are the most comfy work shoes (because they are made for Broadway dancers) that I have ever had?  (I could only do this because I live in NYC. Love that.) For that reason Smash will always have a place in my heart and on my feet.

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

de-evolution-of-man-shirtI have devolved. I spent the past three weeks just working and watching television. Literally. That’s it. To my defense, I did have the longest cold in the history of the world, but it is way to easy for me to slip in to the work/TV thing. It’s my sweet spot.

I was reminded of some words of wisdom on an episode of The Following last week “Nothing changes if nothing changes”. So true.

Here’s what’s changing. I am hopping over to Hawaii for a few days for some fun in the sun with my sister/BFF and about 2,000 people that I work with.  The “people I work with” part I could do without but that is the part that makes the trip 100% free, so I can suck it up.

I decided I should put in more effort to wrangling up some dates for when I return. Unfortunately, the “2,000 people that I work with” will most likely be married or with dates. I’m not expecting any romance in Hawaii, although I will have my super fun wing woman with me should any hot surfer dudes be lurking about.

The online date wrangling seemed preferable to “finding events to attend where there might be men.” I had a fabulous conversation with my therapist this week about why I have decided that I will not meet a man at a JCC Shabbat dinner even though, in reality I have absolutely no idea if this is true. I end up countering with “I’m really not that Jewish anyway” to put an end to it. (I’m really not. I just happened to be on the JCC email list. Well, I am a little bit Jewish and I occasionally consider exploring that, which is why I am on the email list.) It doesn’t have to be the JCC, I can find a reason why I won’t meet a man at pretty much any event. We have had this conversation at least 100 times.

To put an end to this endless loop of a conversation that I keep paying my therapist to have with me  (and because “nothing changes if nothing changes”), I took my new profile back out for a spin today and sent some more emails. I got two responses IMMEDIATELY. Could it be my new profile?

I am currently (while I write this post) engaging in a conversation with one of these guys. He is a teacher. Teachers are cool. We will see where this goes.

In addition to the bevy of dates I will be going on when I get back from Hawaii, I will also be heading back to yoga. I found my favorite teacher who stopped teaching at my studio and will either haul my but to midtown to take classes with her or hire her for private sessions. Life should include yoga. Period.

I might also need a TVcation. Now that Downton Abbey Season 3  has wrapped, and after I watch The Bachelor season finale (I am betting on Ashley by the way), can’t I live without TV for a week?  I did get that word of wisdom from The Following. That was helpful. I would have to find something a lot better to do than seeing what Olivia Pope and The Gallaghers are up to. I do live in the greatest city in the world, but it’s so easy to spend all of your time alone in the Big Apple. I could write a book about it. Or a blog…oh, wait. I do! No wait, I will be going on so many dates that I won’t even be thinking about television. Booyah!

Stuff I Liked and Didn’t Like This Week

Am I the only person who didn’t like Les Miserables? I do recall a couple of people saying it was long and depressing but they never said they didn’t like it. More than one person told me it was AMAZING.

I really didn’t like it. I almost fell asleep. It was REALLY long. I don’t think I liked the musical so I don’t know what I was thinking. Ann Hathaway has a beautiful voice. I liked her song and the song the brunette sang in the rain. That was pretty much all I liked about it. It just went on and on. I am almost bummed I spent three hours watching it today. Oh well.

What I did like was The Following. This is a good show. The premise in and of itself is really cool. A serial killer (who is in prison!) builds a cult following of people who will do anything he says. As you can imagine, these people are not doing good stuff. The star, Kevin Bacon, is an FBI agent who got kicked out of the FBI because of various things that happened when he originally caught this serial killer. Kevin Bacon is a dude. Way cooler than he was in Footloose (not that Footloose wasn’t cool for its time, kind of). In the pilot, the killer escapes and Kevin gets sucked back in to try to catch him. There is a lot of history there. What’s cool about it is that this is not just about catching the serial killer, they have to stop all of the people he is somehow talking in to doing crazy stuff! There are many twists and turns in the first episode and it does not end up the way you think it will. I was surprised and I like to be surprised. Looking forward to watching this one.

In other news Ben & Kate was benched. That is usually not a good sign. I have to admit, it’s been getting a little old for me.

I am behind on pretty much everything so I guess I better get to my TiVo…

Globe Thoughts

I did not get very far on my quest to watch more nominated films before the Golden Globes. I did watch Moonrise Kingdom which was cute but I did not love it like the three awesome flicks I talked about last week.

Here are a few of my thoughts on the Golden Globes after 24 hours to reflect:

  • Tina Fey and Amy Pohler were OK..not great. I preferred Ricky Gervais, but I think Kristen Wiig and Will Farrell would get my vote for next year.  Their bit was…hilarious.
  • Homeland..I told you to watch!  Are you watching? Wow, Claire captured Abhu Nazir 8 1/2 months pregnant?  Is there nothing that woman can’t do? She should win every year for everything.
  • Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress but she seems kind of like a bitch.  “I can’t believe I beat Meryl” it would have been cooler.  Basically, you have to at least pretend to be humble or you seem like a bitch.
  • …unless you are Jodie Foster.  Now, she did go on and on and could have formulated her thoughts better, BUT Jodie does not have to be humble. She has earned the right to rant if she wants to and she clearly does not give a crap.  She is still awesome in my book, and beautiful. (although, in my opinion, she would have been more beautiful with less eye makeup)
  • Michael Fox’s son looks exactly like him, and he also looked miserable.  Maybe it was nerves.
  • I prefer Kerry Washington’s Scandal hair to her “Cleopatra” hair
  • Katherine McPhee’s dress?  Hello!!!!  Half of my clothes are from Theory. Loved that dress.
  • How cute were Daniel Day Lewis and Hugh Jackman about their wives? Maybe I should be dating actors….sadly Georg Clooney IS still dating Stacey Keibler. Who told me they broke up?
  • And how cute was Daniel Day Lewis doing ET…OK, Amy and Tina had some funny moments.
  • Bill Clinton!!!!  That was pretty cool.  (That man is NOT attractive, FYI).  LOVE when Tina called him Bill Rodham Clinton!
  • The Argo thing was a shocker.  I really though Lincoln would win, (just like everyone else did.)  Argo was awesome though

I have a lot of movies to see.  Next weekend…Les Miserable.

TV to Get Excited About in 2013!

It’s 2013. There is some seriously awesome TV coming our way people. Somehow I have to find time to fit these shows back on to my schedule. I love that we get new fresh stuff in the winter!

Downton Abbey  (Sun Jan 6th) –  Yay! Lots of drama will unfold, I am sure, and Shirley MacLaine is an added bonus!

The Bachelor (Mon Jan 7th) – I know this does not qualify as seriously awesome TV, but I have to see how things turn out for this Sean dude.

Girls (Sun Jan 13th) – This show grew on me and has clearly become a cultural phenomenon/voice of the hipster generation. Should not be missed.

Shameless (Sun Jan 13th) – I can not resist this crazy crew.

House of Lies (Sun Jan 13th) – Makes me reminiscent of my consulting days that vaguely resembled what happens on this show…like, really vaguely.

Smash (Tue Feb 5th) – Jennifer Hudson is in, Dev (Karen’s boyfriend), evil Ellis, Frank (Julia’s boring husband), and Michael (Juila’s extra marital love) are out.

Game of Thrones (Sun March 31st) – can…not…wait!!!!!!!!!

New shows I am a little bit curious about..

The Following(Fox – Mon Jan 21st – 9pm est) – supposedly scary thriller about an FBI agent who comes out of retirement to hunt an escaped killer who has built a following of copycat killers while he was locked up. Apparently, the first 7 minutes are amazing and the pilot leaves you wanting more. Nice.

The Americans (FX – Wed Jan 30th – 10pm est) – Kerri Russel (Felicity) and the oldest brother from Brothers & Sisters are Russian spies in an arranged marriage and posted in Washington DC. Interesting. The fact that it is on FX (home of American Horror Story) is a big appeal and reviews say it is “fast paced and beautifully acted“. Is FX the next AMC?

House of Cards (Netflix – Fri Feb 1st) – Yup. The first Netflix original series starring Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright as an ambitious and ruthless political couple. Adapted from a BBC show and directed by David Fincher (I don’t pretend to know who this is, but I googled him…Fight Club.) Seems Boss like. (RIP Boss) What’s cool is that all episodes will be available immediately. A whole new way to unveil TV. (Check out a trailer here)

Good thing I finished The Twelve so I can be fully focused on Winter TV…

2012 Fall TV Roundup

This post is long overdue. You probably don’t care about fall TV anymore, but I can’t stand leaving things undone. I like to give final commentary on how things flushed out with my fall TV recommendations, so here it is.

In my post, “Barely Getting Ready for Fall TV“, I said I was going to check out 8 new shows this fall. Here is how I am feeling about them now.

Nashville – I watch it every week. I love the tunes. I love Hayden Panetteire. I love the guy who plays Deacon. I still think the writing is really bad and that it is generally not a good show. I am flabbergasted that Connie Britton was nominated for a Golden Globe for this role. So flabbergasted in fact, that is inspired me to write this post. She seems so awkward to me. I just don’t get it, but I do watch every week.

The Mindy Project – I occasionally put this on and it occasionally makes me laugh. I mostly think this is a mediocre show with average comedic value. It is not on my list, so I should not be watching it.

666 Park Ave – cancelled. I watched maybe two episodes, fell behind, and then removed it from my queue once it was cancelled.

Go On – this has accumulated on my TiVo and I have a million better things to do than watch it. I may or may not ever catch up. I should really do about a million other things.

Elementary – I still don’t like procedurals. I find the stories in the show predictable. I have watched a few episodes and have some accumulated on my TiVo. I am curious about the relationship between Holmes and Watson so this might be one of those shows I play while I do other stuff around the house. I don’t like it enough to watch it full out.

Ben & Kate – I still find this hilarious, but sometimes it grates on me a little. I don’t love it as much as New Girl. It is on my official list. I still think the character of Kate is annoying but I read a review that said she was excellent at playing an annoying dork person (or something like that), so maybe she is just an amazing actress?

Last Resort – I never got past two episodes of this and it was cancelled. Done.

Revolution – this is a full fledged ratings hit apparently. Go figure. I just could not muster up interest to give it a far shot after I decided it was horrible.  After the hurricane, I did have some curiosity about a world with no power, but that curiosity did not last more than one episode that I half watched.  I’m done with this one.

In summary, I have added 2 shows to my official list from the new fall season and could live without both of them.

What I could NOT live with out (well, of course I could, but prefer not to) are the many returning shows that I LOVE.

Homeland was amazing this season. Wow! The whole season I kept wondering how they would have a third season with both Carrie and Brody and continue this story. They did it! And I can’t WAIT for season three.

American Horror Story is SO creepy and awesome. I told my sister she was not allowed to watch it with my new baby niece in the house because I don’t want her to absorb any of it in to her subconscious. It is that  creepy. Speaking of creepy, this was my favorite season of The Walking Dead. How about that Governor?  Creepy. How did Andrea get sucked in?

I get a little teary during almost every episode of Parenthood. That is my feel good show, for sure. All I need, is a husband like that Adam Braverman. He is the best.

Scandal is fabulous. I love watching the star crossed relationship between the prez and Olivia Pope, and that woman kicks ass! This show is kind of a procedural, now that I think about it, but it keeps surprising me. That Shonda Rhimes makes good TV!

My fall TV roundup is officially…done.

Initial Thoughts: Nashville

I really want to like Nashville, but so far, I don’t.

I am not loving Connie Britton in this role. I just see Tammy Taylor pretending to be a country star. I believed her as the wife of a philandering psychiatrist living in a haunted house in American Horror Story. I can’t figure out what the problem is here. The writing? The acting? I am just not digging her in this.

Hayden Panettiere, is rocking it, though. She is cute and nasty at the same time and totally believable. She is a great TV villain, and a great singer!  Who knew?

I love the music. I do like my country pop and I am a sucker for the TV musical. I am pretty much over Glee so I might rank this above Glee right now, but below Smash. There is definitely a soap opera quality to the show. Lots of drama between Connie and her father and her husband and her ex and Hayden and Connie’s ex and the young songwriters who work at “The Bluebird” (where they all get to belt out tunes every week.)

Lot’s of attempted drama, I should say. Not successfully pulled off. The drama needs to be either over the top and camp, like Smash, or feel more genuine and real, like The Good Wife or Parenthood. Can you imagine The Good Wife as a musical? That would be hard to pull off. I guess a good TV musical is a tough formula. Can there be a non-camp TV musical?  I am racking my brain to think of one. There have been musical episodes (all camp..Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ally McBeal), but the TV musical series is a new phenom.

The ratings are so-so for Nashville but the critics love it. They apparently think it is well written and that Connie Britton is superb, so maybe I am missing something. I will give it a few more episodes, at least for the tunes.

Initial Thoughts: 666 Park Avenue

This show is kind of spooky, and I kind of like it. The premise, is this. John Locke from Lost and his wife (Vanessa Williams) own this spooky building. He is the devil, we assume, and I don’t know exactly who Vanessa is in relation to the devil, but she knows what he is and they work together as a team. I don’t know a lot about the devil, is he married?

Anywhoo, people in this building sell their souls to John Locke in exchange for things like being the best violinist ever and bringing their wives back from the dead. In the pilot, this young naive couple moves in to The Drake (the creepy building)  as the new building managers. We find out that John Locke wants the soul of the husband and they are somehow going to use his wife to get it, but we don’t really know what that means.  I, of course want to know, so I have to keep watching. She is an architect and is therefore curious about the history of this old building. By the end of the pilot episode, the place is giving her the creeps (as it should, it is creepy.)

I read somewhere that this show would have guest stars every week kind of like The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. I assume this means that various residents will be brought in to the story each week and then die while the building manager wife learns more and more about the creepiness and fights for her life at the end of the season. But I am no television writer, maybe they will surprise me.

My curiosity is peaked. I will keep it on my super full rotation for a bit.