When I launched this blog in 2010, I was determined to spend less time absorbed in the lives of people on television and more time living my own life!  (Hence the blog name “Tales of a Recovering TVaholic”.) I thought that blogging about my life would make me more likely to actually leave my apartment and do interesting things, and for a while it did!  (Read my very first post here). For four years I wrote pretty regularly about my adventures in dating, traveling, various attempts to be social and meet new people in NYC, random thoughts, and some television reviews.

I fell off the blogging wagon for a few years, but in 2017, I was inspired to take on new adventures and start writing about them again. In 2017 I did 100 New Things (which I wrote about here) and in 2018, I embarked on an unexpected spiritual journey that led me to start studying Astrology !  In early 2021, the latest chapter of my business career came to a close and I am currently figuring out what comes next.  Follow along to see where my journey takes me…

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