100 Hard Things – Week 2

This was a weird week.

We started things off with an eclipse on Sunday night.  When eclipses happen, the energy on the planet is supporting us to let things go or bring in new things.  Sudden things might happen to nudge you (or force you) to shift your perspective (or your life).

This was supposedly a particularly intense eclipse because it was a full moon, it was in Scorpio (which is an intense sign) and it was squaring (tension) Saturn (a planet of hard lessons).   Did you feel it?

Anyway, this eclipse was in the back of my mind, where they usually are, until things started getting intense all around me.

The week started with multiple COVID exposures in my family and a lot of waiting to see what would happen.  It turned out that some of the youngest members of my family DID contract COVID (they are doing fine and trending up!) and the oldest member of my family dodged it!  Worrying about all of that took a lot of brain space.

Also in my broader family orbit this week, someone passed away and someone else was in a horrible accident.  AND dinner plans with a friend were canceled because she was exposed!

That was a high number of not-so-great sudden “eclipsey” happenings this week (or total coincidence).

The eclipse (and the exposures) did light a fire under me to get my second booster shot.  Each one gets easier, but no one loves vaccines and I had been avoiding it, so it counts as hard thing #8. The mRNA made me very spacey and tired for a couple of days, as it always does.  Although it was not as exciting as my first three shots at the Javits Center and the American Museum of Natural History, I got a cute heart band-aid at possibly the nicest CVS in NYC.

In my spacey haze, I DID get inspired to start something new!!!  I signed up for an astrology class I have had my eye on for over a year.  It’s an investment and a big-time commitment while I am supposedly starting a business (I am!) but my gut said I should do it now and not wait.  This whisper in my head to keep going with astrology does not go away, so I need to listen to it.  Finally taking that leap was hard thing #9.  The class starts June 1st and it’s 6 months long…it’s a big one!

That was as far as I got this week with hard things.  I WAS going to do a community clean-up in my neighborhood park (something hard that I would not normally do) BUT I was catching up with my sister about the weekly happenings when it kicked off and it was HOT outside so I blew it off.  When I swung by later to see what they were up to, it looked very disorganized, so I was kind of glad I skipped it!

I was back on media this week and felt compelled to read everything I missed last week (BAD PLAN). Since I was so spacey and tired it was hard to do anything but scroll through social media and news for a few days.  That just sent me right back down the rabbit hole (which I now need to try to climb back out of).

I had three potential social engagements, but they were all postponed.   The last one I postponed myself because I decided to visit my Dad this upcoming week and just want to be extra cautious with cases so high.  It’s exhausting and hard to navigate this all…. (AND I just learned that there was a shooting on the subway that I might have been traveling on today, so maybe my COVID anxious brain saved my life?)

Sometimes hard things just happen, not because you made a big, exciting plan to leave your comfort zone and go on a fun adventure.  (Oh boy….did I manifest 100 hard things to show up in my life? Universe, just for clarity, that was NOT my intention.  I hope that was clear!)

Could have been better, could have been worse. It was just a weird week.

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