The Astrology of 2021

I kicked this series off by explaining why 2020 was an unprecedented year in astrology.  There were an unusual number of rare planetary alignments that correlated with hard times in history. Astrologers knew it would be crazy and intense, even if they didn’t know exactly how, and it was.  We experienced a global pandemic, racial injustice protests, extreme political polarization, conspiracy theories that went mainstream, massive unemployment, deception, corruption, delusion, grief, loneliness, and anxiety.  Some people managed to pull off amazing, positive life transformations while many others have been suffering.

The calendar year of 2020 is coming to a close, but the astrological intensity we felt in 2020 is not quite over yet. None of what happened in 2020 has been resolved, but we are starting to move out of the muck.

We began the year with a Saturn-Pluto conjunction that accelerated the unearthing of darkness that needs to be transformed to heal the world (especially here in the US).  At the end of the year, we kicked off a new 200-year cycle of socio-political growth focused on ideas, communication, and social connection.   The Great Conjunction was a symbolic shift that brings hope of new things, but it can take years for change to really kick-in.  Most of that change we won’t even see in our lifetime.  We have to figure out what we want to bring with us into the future and what we need to leave behind.  And we are very far from agreeing on what to pack, exactly where we are going, and how to get there.

In 2021 we will see glimmers of hope, while still working through all of the unpleasant stuff from the old cycle.  Astrologers are saying that it will be a bit of a bumpy ride, especially in this first year of the new cycle.  But we won’t have as many intense things happening like we did in 2020. Yay!!

The Big Picture

January and February of 2021 will still feel a lot like 2020, but by the end of February or beginning of March we will feel like we turned a corner.  After February, we are back to the normal number and intensity of planetary happenings that we are used to here on earth (except for some Uranian jolts I will get in to).

If you recall, the intensity of 2020 was primarily focused on our biggest planets of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto hanging out and bumping into each other in Capricorn (with Mars heating things up for a while).  Most of those planets are out of Capricorn (structures, government, responsibility, business) making moves in Aquarius (freedom, new ideas, humanity) EXCEPT Pluto.  Pluto will be hanging out in Capricorn until 2024 continuing to transform the structures of our society.  AND the United States is approaching its Pluto Return in February 2022 which is like a healing crisis for our country – a metaphorical (hopefully) death and re-birth.  You might be thinking, didn’t we just go through that?  Can’t we be re-born now?  Pluto moves very slowly so what we have been through IS part of that, but we are not done with it yet! Sorry!

The Battle of Old vs New

The biggest theme of 2021 is a battle of old vs new.  There are planets and signs that want change and new ideas and there are planets and signs that like to keep things they way they are.  There are planets and signs that like to move carefully and cautiously and there are planets and signs that want things to happen NOW and will cause chaos to force change.  These are the main energies battling it out in 2021.

The big kick off of the year will happen right around inauguration day (there have been a lot of big planetary events related to our election calendar this year.  Coincidence?)

On January 17th, Jupiter will “square” Uranus.  Jupiter expands what it touches and makes it bigger and in the sign of Aquarius, it wants to expand things like freedom, humanitarianism, and new ideas.  (Seems like a good vibe for swearing in a new president!).   But on the other side of the square is Uranus in Taurus (remember squares cause tension between planet/sign combos that want different things).  Uranus also likes big changes and loves to shake things up (Uranus and Aquarius are on the same page!) BUT Uranus is in the sign of Taurus which really doesn’t like change.  Taurus is the stubborn bull who likes to lounge in the shade.  If you can convince Taurus it will be worth it to get up, it will (and once it’s up it is a force to be reckoned with) but it would much rather just chill.  So on January 17th, we have Uranus totally on board with Jupiter and Aquarius to bring some big, bold, fast change, but Taurus is hard to budge.

A few days later, on January 20th (Inauguration day), Mars joins the party with Uranus to heat up the chaos.  Mars will also be in Taurus which means it’s harder to get that Mars energy going, but once it does, watch out for the angry bull!

This conjunction is a spark that heats up this battle we are already in between the forces who want to get going and make change, and the forces who don’t want to move.  We never know what Donald Trump will do (he has Uranus, the planet of chaos, conjunct his Sun which represents his ego in his birth chart – you are probably not surprised to hear) and his supporters are fired up (and many are also delusional).  This astrology lines up with Trump not bowing out gracefully and a huge MAGA march (“the biggest you have ever seen”) on January 20th.  But some astrologers still think Trump might be president or some other crazy thing might happen, so who knows!  Its not going to be a chill time, no matter what Taurus would prefer.

Also note that this planetary line up is very similar to what we had in March of 2020 when COVID hit the US and our stock market tanked (Taurus rules money). There is a high likelihood of a lot of financial market turmoil this year and the next few years (and maybe in January).  I personally am getting my asset allocation in order and have been keeping a bit more in cash, just in case.

The Battle Continues – Saturn Square Uranus

The January action might cool down a bit at the start of February but then the battle continues when Saturn squares Uranus on February 17th.   This is similar to January, but with this square, we swap out the big, expansive, hopeful energy of Jupiter with the more disciplined, cautious, and serious energy of Saturn.  Saturn is working in Aquarius, to make careful, disciplined changes that will lead to freedom and equality for the good of humanity.  But Saturn will still have that tension with Uranus who is continuing to push for fast change if it can get Taurus to get up off the comfy old couch.  (Mars will have moved on at this point to do other things).

This Saturn-Uranus square will happen twice more on June 14th, and December 23rd. This seems to say that we will have a lot of conflict, frustration, and protests throughout the year that could potentially get out of hand.  We had a taste of this last year when Saturn dipped into Aquarius from March to July, but this year Uranus is in an “exact” square with Saturn so the astrology says that we can expect the social unrest to be more intense.  The birth chart of the US does not have a planetary line up that indicates a civil war, but there are other countries where this could be possible. Buckle up and keep an eye out for conflict and chaos especially around February 17th, June 14th, and December 23rd.

What does this mean for you personally?

The astrology impacts us all differently depending on where in your personal birth chart it is all going down.  You can use the instructions in this post to get your own birth chart from Chani Nicholas. The house where you have Aquarius is the place where you are starting a cycle of growth for the next 20 years (that is your Great Conjunction spot).  The house where you have Taurus is where Uranus might be causing some chaos and trying to make change (its been there since 2018 and will be there until 2025).  This year, that Uranus / Saturn / Jupiter squares  will be causing tension that my force changes in the structures of these two areas of your chart.  These are two big parts of your life being “stimulated” this year.  (Chani has a new app you can use to follow your astrology all year long or you can buy her course The Year Ahead for Your Sign.)

What About the Rest of The Year?

At least one astrologer predicts that society will “open up more” by late Spring/early summer (which aligns with what scientists say could happen if we get enough people vaccinated and behaving like responsible humans.)  In general, the astrology seems to say that the Spring and will feel better.  We may not be back to life like it was before 2020 but compared to where we are now, it will be better.  Jupiter will dip into Pisces for a couple of months which brings a romantic, artistic, dreamy, feel good times (it will be there all of 2022!). It won’t all be roses and rainbows, but the astrology says we might be able to have some fun.

The energy of the fall is more intense (but not 2020 intense).  There is a lot of dark Pluto, Scorpio, Mars energy apparently which could lead to more conflict or perhaps a financial crisis.

Summary (and my Political Forecast)

There is a ton of other astrology in 2021 that I am not getting in to.  There is always more astrology because the planets always keep moving in cycles as we evolve.  I have personally spent many days this year refreshing Twitter obsessively waiting to see what would happen on the exact day some big astrology was happening and ended up disappointed that no wild news hit on that day.   But when I step back and look at the big picture, 2020 delivered the big themes that the planets said it would.

I am still dubious of Astrology at times, but I do get comfort from this idea that we are moving into a new age that is focused on community, new ideas, and humanitarianism.  I am biased, but that feels to me like the liberal, progressive ideas will win this battle with the conservatives fighting hard to hold on old ways and traditions, but ultimately losing the fight. There may also be battles between the extreme progressives and centrists if the progressives don’t feel that change is happening fast enough. I am not naïve enough to think only one side is corrupt or that one side has all of the right solutions.  In the age of new ideas, there will be new solutions we can’t see yet and we have to work together to find them.

There is a lot of pressure on Biden to manage this all very carefully so we don’t implode. I hope he is the healer we need. His astrology says he could be, but it also says he also might be hiding some dark secrets or have some health problems coming up.  I wonder if he has an astrologer?  Kamala’s astrology is incredibly rare and powerful showing a high sense of purpose and the ability to do great things.  Maybe Biden does have an astrologer who helped him with that pick!

I will leave you with this bonus read from Raymond Merriman, who I got a lot of my 2021 intel from .  He sends out a free weekly newsletter and this week he did a Q&A on what is next for Trump, the financial markets, and the world.   I highly recommend his 2021 forecast book if you want to go deep on the astrology of 2021 (or sign up for his free weekly newsletter!)

Happy New Year and may the astrology of 2021 support you in having a better year than you did in 2020 OR if your year was amazing, continuing on that journey.  You have free will to use the energy of the planets and stars in any way you choose.

PS: The image for this post is a painting done by my friend Leslie Howett!  She makes beautiful things. You can find her here.  2021 does not feel like a falling star having fun yet, but I am hopeful that more fun is on the way at some point in 2021.