The Donald Trump Eclipse of 2020

There is a pretty big eclipse happening tomorrow, December 14th, 2020. It also happens to be the day the electoral college votes here in the United States and it’s a big astrological event for Donald Trump, personally.  Let’s do a deep dive on eclipses in general and why this one is a big deal.

What is an Eclipse?

Eclipses happen when the sun, moon, and earth are lined up in the sky.  During a lunar eclipse, the earth is blocking the sun’s light from the moon so it is in shadow and we can’t see it (the moon is eclipsed).  During a solar eclipse, the moon is between the sun and the earth so we can’t see the sun (the sun is eclipsed).  FYI – The moon is always full during a lunar eclipse and new during a solar eclipse.

In astrology, the sun and moon represent the biggest parts of who we are.  The sun represents our ego, sense of purpose, and who we are right now.  The moon represents our emotions and sense of security and our past. When the biggest parts of who we are line up in the sky (with the earth) and start obscuring each other, it’s kind of a big deal.  The “planets” are inviting us (or often forcing us) to look at what’s going on with our emotions and our ego.  Things might come up from our past (moon) that need to be resolved or we might be faced with challenges to our ego or questions about who we are (sun).

As you can imagine, this might make us feel especially triggered, or agitated, or exhausted.  We might have trouble sleeping. Feelings may erupt suddenly or things may suddenly become clear.  Pay attention to what is coming up for you because it’s probably a message about something that needs to change for you to evolve.  You may be pushed into a change whether you like it or not.  The change could be amazing and wonderful, or it could be hard and not so fun (but usually, for your greatest and highest good).  Eclipses can bring about sudden, dramatic shifts or they may trigger something that is not revealed until later.  We usually start to feel them before things line up exactly in the sky and we can feel their impact for 6-18 months.

Everything happening in the sky will not impact us all in the same way.  Some eclipses you might feel because they are also lining up with planets in your personal birth chart (the map of your soul in this lifetime) an others not so much.  An eclipse might not directly impact YOU (because you have your shit miraculously, completely all together OR this eclipse is just not meant for you), but it might be impacting other people around you and likely lots of other people in the collective. (I know, that’s a lot of variables.  I can’t convince you it’s real. If you feel something and its helpful to know it might be part of something bigger, cool.)

When I say “in the specific area of your life where the eclipse is happening” I am referring to house in your birth chart that lines up to the eclipse.  The eclipse happening tomorrow, on December 14th, is happening at 23 degrees of Sagittarius.  Find 23 degrees of Sagittarius in your birth chart.  (I explained how to get your birth chart in this post).  The house where 23 degrees of Sagittarius lives is where you might feel the eclipse in your life (family, relationships, career, etc>).   And if there are planets close to that 23 degrees OR at 23 degrees anywhere else in your chart, that amplifies the impact on YOU in its own unique way.

Why is This Eclipse a Big Deal?

This particular eclipse is an especially big deal for a few reasons.

    1. It is a total solar eclipse making it more powerful
    2. Mars (the planet of aggression and anger) and Neptune (confusion) are involved (in specific angles to the Sun and Moon)
    3. The eclipse is happening in the sign of Sagittarius which is a fire sign (fire, as you know, is hot and explosive)
    4. It is happening during this crazy time with a ton of other stuff going on and we are ALREADY tired and agitated and stressed
    5. It is happening on the day of the electoral college vote here in the US where our president has launched a massive disinformation campaign (with no evidence) that the election was stolen from him and he refuses to concede
    6. It is happening directly on President Trump’s moon which happens to be right next to his south moon node and he is having a nodal return. Let’s unpack that…
How Does this Eclipse Impact Donald Trump?

When an eclipse happens at the exact same spot as the moon or sun in YOUR birth chart, its likely to be pretty intense for YOU.  Tomorrow’s eclipse is a solar eclipse which means the moon (emotions, the past) will be blocking the sun (ego).  This is happening for Donald Trump right on top of his personal moon (emotions, the past) which makes it pretty powerful for him and extra emotional.  Is he getting a sign that he should be letting go of some stuff from his past?  Is he getting a sign that his ego needs to be put in check?  Is his pubic persona going to be blocked? Will he snap out of his delusion that he won the election?

Also, Donald Trump (sometimes called the Mad King) was born on a full moon eclipse making him. It is said that “kings are born and die on eclipses” (because they often do).  I will just leave that here.

Not only is this eclipse happening on top of Trump’s moon, it is also happening on top of his south moon node. You might recall that the south moon node represents the karma you brought into this lifetime.  This is your comfort zone and the stuff you are good at but if you get stuck here it can can keep you from evolving. Trump’s south moon node is in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius likes things BIG.  They like to have fun and be optimistic and go on adventures and expand their horizons.  They can also be dogmatic, think the know all of the answers, wear rose colored glasses, over-indulge, be judgmental, and exaggerate.  What is being illuminated for Donald about his karma and what he needs to get unstuck from?

Finally, Donald is having a nodal return.  That means that his south moon node and his north moon node (which represent his karma and his destiny) are returning to where they were when he was born.   A nodal return (which happens to everyone about every 18.5 years) is a time when you can step into your destiny OR get sucked back into your karma.  As with all things astrology, this can play out in many ways.  Is it Donald Trump’s destiny to pull off a second term through chaos, corruption, and lies OR will he have a huge shift in his life (perhaps because he can’t escape his karma) and move out of the white house on to whatever is next for him? (I am clearly biased and hoping for the latter.)

In Summary

Net net, on the day of our electoral college vote we have an eclipse that could cause sudden, explosive things to happen in our lives or in the collective that is also hitting our president’s chart in a HUGE way.  Maybe its already played out for him with the Supreme Court rejection or maybe there is more to come.  It seems likely that the eruption will involve more protests (Mars in Aries) from the people who are holding the illusion (Neptune in Pisces) that this election was stolen from Trump (both planets in prominent angles to the eclipse).  The astrology says it’s not likely smooth sailing for us all just yet.

The mix of planets and signs are making this eclipse especially intense and overwhelming for everyone (not just Trump).  Pay attention to what you are feeling and what signs the universe is sending you about your own life.  Journal, meditate, and take some quiet time to yourself if you are feeling it.  The good news is that is will pass!!!  The planets always keep moving.

And there is better energy on the way!!!  Our big planets are starting to move out of Capricorn and in to Aquarius which is a whole new vibe.  Then we have the Great Conjunction next week (which I wrote about at the end of this post in July).  I hope to get into it more with the additional insights I have gathered from various astrologers before it happens.  But for now, stay safe out there, be nice to each other, and if you live in a place where you can see stars (and you stay up later than I do), check out the Geminids Meteor Shower.

Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash