Fall TV Picks

I can’t pretend that I have done much research on fall TV beyond skimming the Fall TV Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly while half watching Big Brother one night this week and obsessing about whether I might have contracted lyme disease from a possible tick bite on my leg that I acquired on the east end of Long Island. But the Fall TV season is starting and  I feel that it is my obligation to point out the very few things that caught my attention during the EW skim, before its too late.

These are Entertainment Weekly’s six can’t miss shows (I will be missing some of them)

  1. How to Get Away With Murder – Thu 10pm ABC (Starts Sept 25) – Shonda Rhimes’ lastest show (Scandal and Grays Anatomy) bringing mystery, drama, surprises, and Viola Davis. Not to be missed, clearly.
  2. The Affair – Sun 10pm Showtime (Starts Oct 12) – I have been watching the trailer for this all summer before Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan. Looks awesome. Two people who had (or are having?) and affair tell the story from their perspectives in the two halves of the pilot and there seems to be something going on (involving a detective) that will apparently suck us in.  Another must watch.
  3. Marry Me – Tues 9pm NBC (Starts Oct 14) – from the creator of Happy Endings which I only learned to appreciate at the very end as a hilarious show. Also starring one of the actresses from Happy Endings who is married to the creator. A Rom-Com with razor-blade sharp opposites attract chemistry.  Looks good!
  4. Red Band Society – Wed 9pm Fox – this one premiered last week (sorry!) and it sitting on my TiVo. I don’t need any more teen dramas in my life. Inventive, big-hearted, quirky with Octavia Spencer.  Worth a look…
  5. Transparent – Amazon streaming – yes, streaming.  Now that I have a Chromecast, I could actually stream this to my TV from my computer via Amazon Prime (and a Google extension). The world is so insane, right? (Of course my much younger and more savvy brother in law taught me how to do this.) Anyway, anyone with a laptop and Amazon Prime can watch this show (created by someone from Six Feet Under) about a transgender man who has not told his kids he is living as a woman.  I probably won’t have time for this, but is is getting a lot of attention.
  6. Flash – Tues 8pm The CW (Starts Oct 7) – something about tights and superhero fun. Not for me, but if you like this sort of thing.

Then these few of other things caught my eye..

Gotham – Mon 8pm Fox (Starts Sept 22) – this looks like a semi-interesting super hero show. More “dark and twisted” than “tights and fun.”

Madam Secretary – Sunday 8pm CBS (Starts Sept 21..in 8 minutes!) -Tea Leoni is tapped for Secretary of State. OK, I did a little bit more research to ge a second opinion and the Washington Post gave this show its highest score (A-) for new shows this fall. (If interested in their opinion..read more here)

American Horror Story – Freak Show – Wed 10pm Fox (Starts Oct 8) – This is technically a returning show but every season completely different, so its never too late to start watching.  This season looks even creepier than ever with conjoined twins, a woman with three breasts, and Kathy Bates as a bearded lady. It looks insane.



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