Initial Thoughts: The Crazy Ones

I am not a fan of this show. A lot of people are watching it, but I don’t know why and I wonder how long that will last. There is not a lot of competition in its time slot for adults who don’t want to watch Glee or Gray’s Anatomy (yes, that show is still on). That might explain it. Here are my quick thoughts after two episodes:

  • Robin Williams is just too much. He delivers fast one liners as his complete dialog. He doesn’t have regular conversations. It’s like he is doing a comedy routine in every scene. As I was watching I just wanted to go watch him in Good Will Hunting to remind myself that he can be awesome. Not in this.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar is annoying. Now that I am thinking about it, I am not sure I ever really liked her. I liked Buffy, the show, but I think she has always annoyed me a bit. He hair is horrible. I don’t get the damaged, dyed hair look.
  • James Wolk is awesome. I have loved him in everything I have seen him in (Lone Star, Political Animals, Mad Men). He is as cute as a button, first of all. He pulls off both cute and hot, actually. And apparently, he is funny too! I have never seen him do comedy, but he rocks it. The only scene I really liked of two whole episodes is one in the pilot where Robin Williams and James Wolk improv a sexy McDonald’s song (“Drive Through Lovin”) for Kelly Clarkson. It was hilarious. Worth watching the pilot.
  • Not Hamish Linklater‘s fault, but when I see him, I can only think that he was the guy who got all of my favorite people on The Newsroom in trouble.  So, I don’t like him. Sorry dude.

Like Hostages, this show feels forced to me (btw – “TV By The Numbers” predicts Hostages will get cancelled. Don’t waste your time on it.) The best part, after cute as a button James Wolk, was Kelly Clarkson in the pilot.  LOVE Kelly. She did good!

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