Initial Thoughts: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I found this show to be hilarious.

Full disclosure, I was a bit emotionally raw after accidentally turning on the X Factor audition show and getting the chills twice  (“Valerie” from the adorable the dancing Motown guys and “House of the Rising Sun” from the bookworm, right?) and then practically bawling when the guy with Tourette’s Syndrome belted out John Mayer’s Gravity. Simon Cowell knows how to do TV.  (I NEVER watch these singing audition shows. Now I have to watch the X-Factor which I have no time for.)

I digress.

I heard on NPR that Brooklyn Nine-Nine was the funniest new show of the season. NPR is serious.

I don’t think I have ever seen a comedy like this about a police squad. (They say Barney Miller was the last decent comedy about a police squad but I was in my pre-teens in the mid-70s early/80s. I vaguely remember it, but I was more interested in Eight is Enough and Welcome Back Kotter.)

This show is just pure ridiculous humor while solving crimes. EW says the crimes are just there to make you care about the characters (love that!) so don’t expect complex who dunnits. It’s all humor. I chuckled quite a bit. So far, it seems to be the Andy Samberg and the Andre Brougher show. The rest of the cast didn’t make a huge impression on me (except maybe the civilian desk clerk with the raspy voice, and I guess the dorky detective is humorous.)

Andy Samberg is just funny. (That dry sarcastic humor that I love.)

Andre Brougher plays the straight man. (Ironically, his character is gay. I think it’s supposed to be funny that you don’t know he is gay, but I didn’t find that part so funny.) Regardless, love him. Last year’s Last Resort was a fail but I will give anything he is in a shot. Love when he cracks a smile on this show.  It is kind of like when someone is trying really hard not to laugh in a comedy but they crack a smile, except this is part of his character.  He is trying to be the tough boss, but Andy Samberg’s character breaks through his tough-guy shell. (Because Andy Samberg is just funny.) He plays it so well.

I loved the unexpected comedic twist when Andy Samberg tries to be a smart ass by illustrating to Andre Brougher that he can solve crimes inappropriately dressed and Andre turns it right around on him.

Sorry I couldn’t get to my Fall TV post BEFORE this previewed. I am sure you can catch up on the internet if you missed it. The internet is amazing like that.

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