Emmy Minutia 2013

It’s time for my annual Emmy post! Here are my running thoughts from the red carpet and the show (as if I were live tweeting them, but I wasn’t, they were collecting, here, in bullet points). I have no idea if my random train of thought is interesting to anyone, but it has become a tradition.

  • Not a fan of Heidi Klum’s pomegranate dress although I am sure it will make the best dressed lists. She has an unusually long neck.
  • Love Amanda Peet’s messy pony tail. That is my dream hair do.
  • Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black) looks beautiful. (Lots of side boob and she could use better nipple covers, but it works) – (Not a huge fan of that show, however.  I might be the only non-fan.)
  • Claire Danes and Lena Dunham..I want to hang out with them!!!
  • A lot of dresses I don’t like. I don’t even know where to start.
  • I am confused about Julie Bowen’s (Modern Family) pale pink mermaid bow dress. I simultaneously love it and hate it.
  • I thought I hated Connie Britton’s dress, until I saw her on stage in it. It’s beautiful. (still confused by the Emmy nomination, though. Nashville is not that good.)
  • John Hamm is sporting a beard. Love beards.
  • This intro montage of clips from various shows is weird and not funny (but I still love NPH)
  • The House of Cards monologue by Kevin Spacey in the intro…hilarious. Makes up for horrible montage.
  • Al Pacino is looking particularly orange, right? Actually, a lot of people are looking orange. I am glad I don’t have go to award shows and pick pale or orange. In real life, I pick pale, pretty much always.
  • Tony Hale holding Julia Louis Dreyfus’s bag while she accepts her Emmy? This is why these people win awards. Well deserved to both of them. Veep grew on me in Season #2. Super funny.
  • I like these presenter bits. They are making me chuckle. I also like how they are not trying to make not funny people say funny things (for the most part)
  • Best half time show….EVER! NPH!!!! Sarah Silverman!! Guy from Castle??!!!
  • Dianne Carroll was an unexpected comedic pleasure. (I don’t need my reading glasses either…I don’t have them on right now.)
  • (I had no commentary for quite a while here…)
  • What a GREAT idea to have the choreographers do a dance number. And they danced! I wish I could dance like that…
  • James Cromwell was the only actor to ever say the words “Star Trek” on “Star Trek”? Very random trivia.
  • I am over Modern Family but it keeps winning!  Really? Better than Veep? Better than Girls?
  • Breaking Baaaad!!!!!  Yay!!!!!
  • I love television.

It’s past my bed time. My work here is done…

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