Getting Unstuck – Progress Report #1

Its been a couple of weeks since I embarked on my 2013 quest to get unstuck and become less of a perfectionist. Here is my first progress report.

The Monday after I wrote that post, I talked with my mentor at work about my plan and she was completely supportive and helped me to set some measurable (and realistic) goals for setting limits at work for the rest of 2013. Here they are:

  • Leave work at 6pm at least three days a week
  • Do not work weekends (unless some emergency time sensitive project requires it)
  • Take all of my vacation days (and only check emails for 30 minutes max on those days)

That day I stopped work at 6pm and did yoga.

I have been meditating every day. It is definitely more like quiet thinking time, than actual mediation but it’s cool. I just keep practicing bringing my attention back to the breath. The process of meditation is about being aware of when you get off track, being OK with it,  and bringing your self back to center.  This is exactly the approach I need to take on my quest to become a recovering perfectionist!  I can’t be a perfectionist about being less of a perfectionist!  On that note..

After day 1, the work hours did slip. Some nights I had plans after work that required me to stay later. Some nights I didn’t have plans and I just kept working. There has been a tiny bit of weekend work, but less weekend work than before, which is progress!

I told my boss I could not present at a meeting because I need to take a day off. She was cool with it. I also told her that I have to work less or I will be the miserable person I was this summer, all the time. That night, she got approval to hire someone else to help me. Sometimes I just THINK I am going to disappoint her, but it is all in my head. Key takeaway!

Even with the extra work hours, almost everything I am responsible for is behind, kind of a mess, and/or a ton more work that I can reasonably manage. But I am just rolling with it, doing the best I can, and staying calm. I am reminding myself that it is just software. I am working a bit faster and being a little less perfect on some things because there is only so much I can do (and only so much I want to do!)

I am taking TWO days off this week, even though everything is behind. I needed some me time. It will all wait.

I am feeling pretty good about my progress. I can watch the clock and track my work hours against my goals, but ultimately it is about how I feel.  I have made time for me and let things go a bit. I have spent some time with my family, I have been out on a couple of pretty awesome dates, and I am making time to write.  (Fall TV post is coming this weekend.  I promise!)

So far, so good….(although I spent a ridiculous amount of time perfecting this post.  Two points off for that!)

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