What’s Up With Tinder?

The other day, I was reading one of the many blogs written by women about their online dating adventures. (Are there any MEN that write about this ridiculousness because I would really love to hear the perspective from the other side. If anyone knows of a blog like this, do tell.) Anyway, Stupid Cupid mentioned that she was getting endless hours of entertainment on something called Tinder. I immediately Googled it and found this article in the Huffington Post that called it not a dating app but more like a “beauty contest with messaging.” I was curious, of course,  and decided to check it out.

Tinder is a mobile app that presents pictures of people to you that you either “like” or “nope” by hitting a button or swiping them off the screen. All you know about this person is their age, how far away they are from you, the last time they were active, and maybe a sentence or two if they enter some words. Oh, and you log in with Facebook so you will also see if you have mutual friends or interests. You can only message someone if you have both “liked” each other. So basically, the only thing you can get from this app is to find out if the people who you think have hot pictures think your pictures are hot. Sounds like a great way to find love. Not so much. But not totally un-fun.

I downloaded the app and mostly “noped” but also “liked” some dudes. One guy looked pretty familiar and I was fairly certain he and I had exchanged a couple of messages on OK Cupid one night before he drifted off and got distracted by someone else. His pictures were different, but I was pretty sure it was the same guy. I decided to like him because I still thought he was cute (although probably not dating material) and decided to see what would happen.

Within 12 hours, the guy from OK Cupid liked me back. Or maybe he liked me before I liked him? Anyway, we matched. I refuse to actually message him because he blew me off last time. He has not messaged me. He probably figured it out. Weird dude.  That is my only actual match so far. I did just like one cute guy who is friends with a friend of mine from my very first job. That is interesting to know…

I have to say, it is a little bit addicting to flip through pics and “like” or “nope” them. This guy Bjorn is pretty cute. He is also really good at taking self photos (he has five of them). Self photos are usually a big no-no because they turn out creepy, but this guy is a professional at it. This may entertain me until I finally have my date with “software guy” this week..

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