I Can’t Stop Playing Dots

I have managed to avoid Angy Birds, Words With Friends, and Tiny Tower (something my brother in law tried to suck me in to). There were some small recent dabbles with Bubble Burst and Ms. Pac Man (a free app download from Starbucks) but in general, I have avoided video games for over 20 years.

Last weekend, I was on the train to visit my Mom in DC, diligently reading the NY Times on my Ipad to expand my knowledge of the world. I stumbled across a short article about this new game called Dots that more than 3 million people have downloaded. I like to be in the know with the latest happenings, so I downloaded it. One hour later, I was hooked. I was obsessed with trying to make squares out of small little dots on a beautiful white background.

Some dude named Heisenberg has a high score of 799. My highest is 299. Who the hell is Heisenberg and how did he get so many points?  What don’t I know about the colored dots? Why can’t I make more squares?

I purchased additional super powers with points (I wasted the free ones trying to figure out what they do), but I don’t want to use them.  I don’t think I am good enough to use them in the absolute best way possible, so I am saving them. It is also the “delayed gratification” / “hoarder” part of my personality. I hate to use things up!

I am now one of those people who pulls out their phone on a 5 minute train ride. Each Dots game only lasts 60 seconds so you can easily play one or two rounds and (probably) not miss your stop.

I am totally screwed. Don’t download it. Whatever you do….

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Playing Dots”

  1. And then because she came to visit and played dots the whole weekend I downloaded it because it is beautifully designed. I was immediately hooked by the clean colors. But I may never get a good night’s sleep again. I left my iPad next to the bed so I wouldn’t be tempted in the afternoon. So at night when I am supposed to be too tired to play…

    My high score is 196 but I only got that twice. 67 seems to be my magic number. The only thing I have learned so far is that if you fall asleep, you don’t get a good score.

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