Poor Smash

There has been a lot written about the downfall of Smash lately. The show has been moved to Saturday nights, its stars are signing on for new pilots, and it is expected to be cancelled (although not official yet.)  They’ve already filmed the rest of Season 2 (how did anyone know anything before Twitter?), but if I had my druthers, here is how I would like to see Smash go out:

  • Katherine McVee should sing for approximately 30 minutes of every show. She can sing anything (and much better than she can act.) Love her.
  • For about 10 minutes, have the cute guy who use to be on Fast Forward complaining about something, because I find him kind of entertaining.
  • Please don’t show Debra Messing doing anything. She irritates me.
  • Angelica Houston can only participate if she grows out her hair. Her look is horrendous. (and to be completely honest, I can’t believe she won an Oscar. Maybe this just isn’t her genre.)
  • That new hipster guy can join Katherine for a couple of duets and occasionally throw out an awesome line like “I am going to smoke some pot and go to work” (for some reason, that cracked me up)
  • Please, please, please don’t have Tom do any more Broadway routines. It’s embarrassing.

As horrible as the show has become (it was never really that great), I will watch every remaining episode, because I like to see things through.

Have I mentioned that I hunted down a pair of La Duca shoes that I saw on Smash last year and they are the most comfy work shoes (because they are made for Broadway dancers) that I have ever had?  (I could only do this because I live in NYC. Love that.) For that reason Smash will always have a place in my heart and on my feet.

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  1. I was just looking at your blog to see if you have posted about your new relationship. When I saw that you hadn’t posted, I said aloud, “Oh great. Now that she has a boyfriend, she’s not gonna blog anymore.”

    Zach: “Shannah has a boyfriend?”

    Me: Yup

    Zach: Wow, she got a boyfriend already? That was fast.

    I’m sure that’s just how it felt to you too, yes?

  2. Anjelica Huston is very well connected. A long line of two very famous movie actor and directors. Walter (Actor) and John (Director — Maltese Falcon, Treasure of Sierra Madre, The African Queen) and long time connection with Jack Nicholson. I think the hair is from the same director who has screwed up this show. There is no reason on earth why it should be so bad. Great plot, good actors, fabulous music. Revealing discussion and angst about writing drama and staging musicals. It’s just too over the top and all the complexity is the plays.

    The switch to teenie bopper Rent-like drug-addicted playwrights this season was not good. They could easily have had the Scandal audience and blew it. All is not lost if they would watch the competition and drop at least one of the male-female conflicts. How many couple plots can one show have? Everything is man-woman love-hate ambivalence. Not one good relationship in the bunch.

    Not everyone in the world was formerly dating or married to everyone else. Or even wants to be. That is what is dragging down the story. Easy to shoot I guess. Two heads in a frame.

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