Something Changed…

A couple of weeks ago I told you that I was headed to Hawaii, I had taken my revised online profile out for a spin, I was chatting on OK Cupid with a teacher, and I was planning to have a bevy of dates when I got back from my trip.

Hawaii was fabulous. My sister and I relaxed in the sun (more often in the shade) and shared many beautiful sunsets together that even I (a horrible photographer) managed to capture in a photograph.

While I was enjoying the view with my sister, I continued to chat with the teacher and it became very clear that he is pretty awesome. The OK cupid chatting turned into a lot of e-mails which progressed to phone calls and text messages, and two dates….so far. The first date was the best first date I’ve ever had.

You might be interested to know that OK Cupid scored us a 95% match. He thinks we might be closer to 97.8%. Even though he is not a math guy, I think he got this one right.

Did I connect with the teacher because my profile got an overhaul or was it just online serendipity?  I do know that I would not have bumped into him at the JCC Shabbat dinner (even though he is Jewish.)

Suffice it to say, that if things continue this way, I am not planning on writing about online dating again any time soon. (Please note my glass half full optimism.)

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