Disappearing Dude #2

I revealed my new profile to the OK Cupid world last week, but I was still not happy with it. I perused some other profiles that I liked and used them to inspire some changes. I think my new version shows a bit more style in the writing while still keeping it short and light? It got the thumbs up from two of my biggest fans! Because I got you all involved, I think you should know what I ended up with. There is more to the profile that says more about me. Think of this as just the intro..

Last week’s “after” Self Summary that I still didn’t love:  I’ve been a New Yorker since college and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Although I am a city girl at heart, I do like to explore far-away places with friends or that special someone. Last year I traveled to Bali (amazing!) and Istanbul is on the top of my list for 2013. I own my own place with easy access to runs on the river and my favorite spots in the East Village. I am a bit of an entertainment junky so I challenge you to keep up with my knowledge of pop culture. My friends and family are a big part of my life, especially my adorable nieces. If the right man were to find his way into my heart, I hope he would be up for and princess birthday party or family visits in the big city from time to time…

New version with more personality: Caring, curious, and down to earth. I’m a long-time New Yorker who prefers downtown to uptown and loves people watching, laughing, and learning new things. I am a bit of an entertainment junky so I challenge you to keep up with my knowledge of pop culture. A former jet-setting consultant, I now use my passport for fun adventures to far-away places like Bali and Marrakesh. Yoga, runs on the east river, and my morning coffee keep me balanced and sane on my daily quest to make the most out of life and keep it real. 

So how did it go?

I emailed two guys. One guy was, according to his profile, THE perfect guy for me. He works in technology, recent widow, volunteered at an orphanage as part of a year off he took traveling around the world, runs marathons AND does Pilates, and has cute pics that showed personality. Except for the fact that he likes Coldplay, he really seemed perfect. I also emailed a backup guy who seemed cool but not THE perfect guy.

The perfect guy never replied (not so perfect!)  The backup guy did reply, two days later after checking out my profile a few times. (Clearly ambivalent.) We exchanged a couple of short emails and then he asked me if I wanted to have a drink sometime.  I said “sure, what are you up to this weekend?”  No word since.  That was Wednesday morning. It’s now Saturday. He disappeared. With OK Cupid I can see how often he logs in and if he looks at my profile. He has logged in every day and has not checked my profile since. He clearly found something that seemed more interesting.  You may recall this happened to only one other guy that initially replied to me. He asked for my number and never called.

That’s the update. I guess I should send out more emails. I am fighting the longest cold in the history of the world (I hear this is going around) but I should still send some emails. The show must go on!

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  1. Stick with last week’s after self profile. It’s more conversational. It sounds like you. The second one sounds like you wrote it for 7th grade composition. Read it out loud and see how it sounds. I love you. Somehow I got unsubscribed from your blog. Is this a message of some kind?

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