Globe Thoughts

I did not get very far on my quest to watch more nominated films before the Golden Globes. I did watch Moonrise Kingdom which was cute but I did not love it like the three awesome flicks I talked about last week.

Here are a few of my thoughts on the Golden Globes after 24 hours to reflect:

  • Tina Fey and Amy Pohler were OK..not great. I preferred Ricky Gervais, but I think Kristen Wiig and Will Farrell would get my vote for next year.  Their bit was…hilarious.
  • Homeland..I told you to watch!  Are you watching? Wow, Claire captured Abhu Nazir 8 1/2 months pregnant?  Is there nothing that woman can’t do? She should win every year for everything.
  • Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress but she seems kind of like a bitch.  “I can’t believe I beat Meryl” it would have been cooler.  Basically, you have to at least pretend to be humble or you seem like a bitch.
  • …unless you are Jodie Foster.  Now, she did go on and on and could have formulated her thoughts better, BUT Jodie does not have to be humble. She has earned the right to rant if she wants to and she clearly does not give a crap.  She is still awesome in my book, and beautiful. (although, in my opinion, she would have been more beautiful with less eye makeup)
  • Michael Fox’s son looks exactly like him, and he also looked miserable.  Maybe it was nerves.
  • I prefer Kerry Washington’s Scandal hair to her “Cleopatra” hair
  • Katherine McPhee’s dress?  Hello!!!!  Half of my clothes are from Theory. Loved that dress.
  • How cute were Daniel Day Lewis and Hugh Jackman about their wives? Maybe I should be dating actors….sadly Georg Clooney IS still dating Stacey Keibler. Who told me they broke up?
  • And how cute was Daniel Day Lewis doing ET…OK, Amy and Tina had some funny moments.
  • Bill Clinton!!!!  That was pretty cool.  (That man is NOT attractive, FYI).  LOVE when Tina called him Bill Rodham Clinton!
  • The Argo thing was a shocker.  I really though Lincoln would win, (just like everyone else did.)  Argo was awesome though

I have a lot of movies to see.  Next weekend…Les Miserable.

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