Finding the One Online – Take 3

You may recall that I had a brush with Evan Marc Katz earlier this year, when I dissed his”Finding the One Online” product without giving it much of a chance (Read that post here including his comment on the post).  I was all set to give it another try, but got distracted by an offline relationship and never got back to it. I am happy to say, for all of those dying to know whether “Finding the One Online” can make a difference, I am ready to try again.

Last weekend, I pulled out the 182 page transcript of the audio “Finding the One Online” series. I do love Evan’s very positive attitude towards online dating. He got me pumped up.

I had been hearing about OKCupid for a while and decided to check it out. It is a cool hipster start-up in NYC founded by these guys from Harvard that use math to get you dates! Love it! I am still exploring all of its various features. I will write another post on on that topic. First, I had to get myself profile up and going.

Step 1 was pictures. I had a guy friend who does a lot of online dating review my pics. He liked most of them. He recommended against the one of me and Elmo and Cookie Monster in Times Square. I took his advice. I decided to wait on professional photos for now, but that is still a definite possibility. Done (for now).

Step 2 was to brainstorm a good user name. I spent about an hour trying to think of a cool play on words related to something about me,  but ultimately decided to go with something I have used in the past related to the fact that I get up early. I do get up early and I would prefer not to date a night owl. Hopefully I won’t put off an amazing night owl. Done.

Step 3 was the profile. I spent about 8 hours this weekend writing a whole new profile from scratch. Then I spent about an hour this morning changing it. I considered paying someone $100 to write it for me but with a 182 page guide that I already paid for, and examples of successful profiles on Evan’s e-cyrano web site, I should be able to write a decent profile. I never really feel like my profile captures my essence. It still seems a bit formulaic to me, but here are my “self-summary” and “why you should message me” essays. You tell me if this is a decent profile..

Self Summary… I have been lucky enough to practice yoga in Bali and Marrakech but I have a hard time making it to class in NYC. My day job in software competitive and market intelligence keeps me busy and is a great conversation topic at cocktail parties. I own a cozy apartment with a great view of my neighbor’s television and easy access to the East River running path. I love the convenience of downtown Manhattan but have some serious Brooklyn envy and love the vibe in Harlem. I am quite proud of my recently acquired, daily meditation habit. It’s often more like 20 minutes of non-stop thinking, but I keep plugging away at trying to quiet my mind. I have a blog about my quest to watch less television and do things like see the Book of Mormon, explore Greenpoint, and try rock climbing. I have the cutest nieces on the planet that have expanded my cultural tastes to include Elmo birthday parties and Barney songs. I am the kind of girlfriend who will save a show on TiVo if I know you want to watch it and make sure I have your favorite foods in my fridge. I love being up early and enjoying the quiet of the city but am also very happy to cuddle in bed in a little longer with the perfect guy.

You Should Message Me If… You possess many of the six things I could never do without (see below – this is a separate question on the site). You are ambitious about something and smarter than the average bear. You will carry buckets of water up seven flights of stairs for me if the power goes out. You like to take in an occasional talk at the Tribeca 92nd Street Y  or the Paley Center. Giving back is an important part of your life. You are close with your family, even if they make you a little crazy. You have BFFs from way back in the day. You try to see all of the Oscar/Golden Globe nominated movies before award season. You think Louis is hilarious. You get emails from Barack Obama. You will surprise me by remembering things I said on our first date.

The six things I could never do without: A sense of humor, equanimity, comfortable shoes, people I can completely be myself with, endorphins, intellectual curiosity

So my profile is up and I have done some site exploration and browsing. I am officially back out there in cyberspace. Now I have to re-read the chapter on what to do next.

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