Initial Thoughts: 666 Park Avenue

This show is kind of spooky, and I kind of like it. The premise, is this. John Locke from Lost and his wife (Vanessa Williams) own this spooky building. He is the devil, we assume, and I don’t know exactly who Vanessa is in relation to the devil, but she knows what he is and they work together as a team. I don’t know a lot about the devil, is he married?

Anywhoo, people in this building sell their souls to John Locke in exchange for things like being the best violinist ever and bringing their wives back from the dead. In the pilot, this young naive couple moves in to The Drake (the creepy building)  as the new building managers. We find out that John Locke wants the soul of the husband and they are somehow going to use his wife to get it, but we don’t really know what that means.  I, of course want to know, so I have to keep watching. She is an architect and is therefore curious about the history of this old building. By the end of the pilot episode, the place is giving her the creeps (as it should, it is creepy.)

I read somewhere that this show would have guest stars every week kind of like The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. I assume this means that various residents will be brought in to the story each week and then die while the building manager wife learns more and more about the creepiness and fights for her life at the end of the season. But I am no television writer, maybe they will surprise me.

My curiosity is peaked. I will keep it on my super full rotation for a bit.

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