Initial Thoughts: Last Resort

Let me start by saying I am not a fan of boats. You could not pay me a million dollars to get in a submarine. It might be my greatest fear, to be submerged underwater in a submarine.

That being said, Last Resort is about a submarine crew that questions orders to release a nuclear missile and finds themselves in a world of trouble. I was of course terrified for them that they would end up stuck in this submarine trapped underwater forever (even though it does somehow make its own air and power, what would they eat? Can you open the window to fish? I can’t imagine so.) Fear not, although they are in a world of trouble they do escape to an island during the episode and leave the sub parked off shore.

I would not say Last Resort has an amazing plot or amazing writing (it’s no Homeland or Breaking Bad), but it does peak your curiosity and it is far more watchable than Revolution (which I did try one more time and it was still horrible.) Why is the US shooting at its own ship? Why is the president being impeached? What troubles await them on this island they have landed on (where the quiet bartender is from the show Dollhouse that I think I am the only person that watched)? How can this plot sustain itself for a whole season?

This the kind of stuff I like. An ongoing mystery that plays itself out over the season. It keeps you guessing as it reveals various thinks about the characters.

Andre Brougher is…Andre Brougher. Love Andre. Scott Speedman is super cute. The acting by these two is good. Some of the rest of it, is a bit shaky. Scott’s wife is played by an actress who is possessed by a very bad alien on Falling Skies so when I look at her, I just see alien. It makes their love a little unbelievable for me.

I am not sure the show is smart enough to be successful, but it was an Entertainment Weekly best pick. That might say a lot about our options for new Fall TV this year. Apparently 8pm on Thursday is also a “death slot” for ABC with no show in that slot making it to a second season since 2009 (including the beloved by me Fast Forward.) I can’t recommend it whole heartedly, but if you have nothing better to do, you might check it out.

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