Initial Thoughts: The Mindy Project

I am not a fan. I don’t seem to find Mindy amusing. Is it because I can only picture her as Kelly Kapur or is it because she delivers her lines in a weird way?

I did not connect with this single gynecologist’s obsession with romantic comedies.  I found it kind of annoying. When she was riding her bike saying “I’m Sandra Bullock”…not funny.  When she rode her bike in to the pool and started talking to a Barbie underwater..not funny.

It was a little bit funny when she asked for a tour of the Special Victim’s Unit. A little bit.

I also found her nemesis weird and annoying. It is too unrealistic for a gyn to say “I am the man who is going to rip a baby out of you.” Not just unrealistic, but also not funny.

And the British dude who is supposed to be a womanizer?  Let’s be realistic. Guys like that in NYC don’t hook up with women like her. There are way to many extremely shallow and super beautiful women to pick from.

It just went on from there not impressing me. I think the writing is  not good, the acting is not good, and the characters are just not that interesting. Sorry Mindy.

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