Not Digging the Emmy’s

I had grand plans to write another hilarious blog about how much I still loved the Emmy’s this year (See last year and the year before‘s posts).  Not gonna happen. Here are as many random thoughts as I can muster.

  • I love Jimmy Kimmel, but the opening sketch and monologue, not funny
  • Kerry Washington had my favorite dress on the red carpet (go Scandal!). Second runner up Eddie Falco (she looks amazing). Third runner up Julie Luis Dreyfus
  • I did not enjoy the yellow/neon trend
  • I am a big fan of Luis CK.  This is something kind of recent that I have not shared with my blog fans. The man is funny and his show is funny
  • I am voting for Melissa McCarthy to host next year
  • I still can’t believe anyone watches Two and a Half Men. An Emmy, really? (no offense Ducky)
  • OK..Aaron Paul winning for best supporting actor in a drama (including the hug from Gus) was awesome

Unfortunately,  I did not get much sleep last night and I can’t stay awake any longer. A post on half of the Emmy’s is pretty lame, huh? Or, we can think of it as me being less of a perfectionist which could be a good thing!

Addendum: I skimmed the rest on my TiVo and I need to add one more comment

  • In Claire Dane’s acceptance speech she said “Mandy Patinkin, holla”! Clarie and I should be BFFs and we could both hang out with Mandy and her hot husband Hugh Dancy (and then I would tell her not to wear yellow again, ever).

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