James Badge Dale Sighting

The search term that brings the most people to my blog is James Badge Dale. This either means that a lot of people want to know what JBD is up to, or I am one of the only sites that talks about JBD. It has been a while since JBD has been mentioned on my blog because Rubicon was cancelled almost two years ago and I haven’t seen him since!

I too miss James Badge Dale so I recently IMDBed him to see what he has been up to. He has been in a few movies lately that I have not seen. The Conspirator, The Grey, and Shame. I decided to start with The Conspirator and do a little review to give the internet some more James Badge Dale material (and not at all as a shameless ploy to get more blog hits.)

The Conspirator is the true story of the trial of Mary Surratt who was accused of conspiring to kill Abraham Lincoln. It was directed by Robert Redford,stars James McAvoy and Robin Wright, and has many other well known actors in smaller parts (Kevin Kline, Evan Rachel Wood, Justin Long, Jonathan Groff…and James Badge Dale.) Sadly, JBD had maybe 20 lines in the film, and he looked kind of weird because it it a period piece and everyone looked kind of weird in 1865.

The movie was not bad. According to the reviews it was “smart”, “historically accurate”, and “true to the period.” It was well acted by the leads (some of the others I would give a so so to on acting. Not Kevin Kline of course.  He is always fabulous.) I learned a lot about this assassination event.  I had no idea that others were killed that night or that there was a group of men involved in a conspiracy, not just John Wilkes Booth. I also learned that these men (and woman) were not given a fair trial by their peers but a military trial that was completely biased against them. This was apparently the last time (or one of the last times) in our history this was allowed to happen. I really do have a hard time sympathizing with confederate south, but these people were pissed and angry people do bad things. And in 1865, they looked weird doing it.

All in all, I liked it. Not a memorable JBD sighting but an entertaining flick, I learned stuff, and I was reminded that I really do want to read a biography of Abraham Lincoln. Perhaps I will tackle that soon. I will also tackle The Grey and Shame and am happy to know that JBD has some new stuff coming up in 2013. Rest assured, JBD is still bringing home the bacon!

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