Staycation 2012

Forgive me blog fans, it has been a month since my last post. I am now on staycation and I have no plans. Of course, I feel conflicted about this. (I have not become a new person since my last post.) But, after a crazy month, I really wanted to give myself a full week where I could wake up every day and go with the flow. I am on day three, here is how it is going so far.

Saturday, I slept in, got a pedicure, bought food to sustain myself for a few days, cleaned out my e-mail box, paid bills, cleaned my apartment, went for a run, made a delicious Italian chef salad, and watched There Will be Blood (good movie, but very depressing.)

Yesterday, I did laundry, had a “two mimosa” brunch with friends, got ice cream, napped, watched The Tourist (which I liked) and then proceeded to knock shows off my TiVo for the next 4 hours. Sounds relaxing, right? It was, until I got bored. I thought I would be thrilled to just watch lots and lots of TV. I might have gotten that out of my system in one day.

Last night, I thought I would meditate and do yoga this morning. Instead I drank coffee, read the NY Times on my IPad, put a chicken and noodle dish in the crock pot and now I am writing this earth shattering blog post. I’m going with the flow.

My goal for this week (I do have a plan!), is to have a good mix of accomplishing stuff and chilling out and doing absolutely nothing. This combo, when I get the mix right, makes me me happy.

On with Staycation 2012.

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