Big Brother is Baaack!

As you may or may not recall, I love Big Brother. Every year, I expect to be over it, but so far, not over it. ABC is attempting to copy Big Brother with this show called The Glass House.  I checked it out.  It was HORRIBLE.  As I was watching the first episode of Big Brother 14 today, I tried to pay close attention to what is is that I love about it. Wow, I have been watching this show for 14 years!

I love the voice of the guy that opens and closes the show explaining the game and talking about what has happened and what is going to happen. He never gets any love.  It’s always about Julie the Chen-bot. Sure the Chen-bot is the one that gets to reveal the twists, talk to the house guests over the video cam, and conduct the hard hitting exit interviews. But Big Brother would not be Big Brother without the “Big Brother voice”. His announcements are always perfectly timed with the theme music that crescendo’s right at the end.  I guess the music engineers make that happen.  So they rock, too!

Watching Big Brother is like coming home every summer.  The house always has pretty much the same layout, but it get’s redecorated every summer. Just enough to be familiar but also new and fresh. This year, the house has a Tokyo theme. Cool. (Of course it’s a television set with 53 cameras and 98 microphones, not a house).

Big Brother has really good casting. The cast on The Glass House was not appealing.  How much is casting vs editing, I can’t be sure. They do peak your interest in the 1 minute spots that show the cast in their home environments as they get the word they are coming to the house.  I wonder how many times they have to shoot those “Woo Hoo! I’m going to Big Brother” scenes? They have one hour to pack the one bag they can bring which is ridiculous. Of course, anyone who applies for Big Brother must start planning out what they are going to bring the minute they submit their application, right?

This year’s twist…wait for it….they are bringing back former players (again) but this year, they are coaching the new house guests, who are competing, as always, for $500,000.  The coaches each get 3 players to coach and if one of their players wins, they get $100,000.  They teased me for a minute hinting that Dr. Will, the most awesome Big Brother player of all time who won season 2, might be coming back, but no. His BFF Mike Boogie is back though. Chill town is represented. I would watch that season again, and I don’t like to watch anything twice (except Dirty Dancing, Grease, When Harry Met Sally, and Love Actually, of course.) I just learned, by the way, that Dr. Will had a baby with and probably married Erin Brodie, the winner from the one-season reality show, “For Love or Money.” Fascinating. Not really, I guess.

I digress.  This is a cool twist. I am very curious to see how this pans out.  How do they think of this stuff?  I used to want to be ON Big Brother, but I don’t think they let introverts on the show. Now, I think I want to hang out with the people who MAKE the show.  That would be cool!

Another season of drama, fun, and betrayal….three nights a week!  Happy summer!

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