Entertainment Dilemmas

I have been wrestling with a few entertainment dilemmas.

You may recall that a few weeks ago, I turned off the TV every night at 9pm and finished a book. The book dilemma was what to read next. The plan was to read the super popular erotic novel, Fifty Shades of Grey. I started it, but it was SO horrible that I could barely stand to skim the first few chapters. I was not super excited to read a book that starts with a man taking a college student’s virginity and then begging her to be in an S&M relationship with him (as his submissive, of course). And to top it all off, I did not find it that erotic. I have read my fair share of erotic literature, but this just did not do it for me. I was really scratching my head to figure out why the three books in this series are at the top of the bestseller lists.

Then I read Marlo Thomas’s take on the book. (I follower her on twitter. She is one of my childhood feminist idols.) She said she got it. Apparently, later in the book, Anastasia stands up for herself and there might be more to it than the first few chapters. I decided that if Marlo liked it and was continuing on to book 2, I should continue on as well.  It did get better.  I am sticking with it. Dilemma #1 solved.

The second dilemma is whether or not to watch this season of The Bachelorette. I usually really enjoy this ridiculous show, but I am not sure I can take another season of scripted fake romance. I left American Idol behind and have not regretted it for a moment, don’t miss it at all. I have a couple of episodes of the Bachelorette on my TiVo, but I think I might be able to resist it. Now the Bachelor Padlater this summer, will be harder to resist.  That show is crazy drama.

That brings us to dilemma #3. After my “turn off the TV at 9pm” week, I removed a bunch of stuff from my TiVo Season Pass list.  I have had a busy few weeks so I have not had time for to much TV and Mad Men, Game of Thrones, The Killing, and Scandal (LOVE it) have kept me pretty satisfied, but one show’s commercials have been tempting me. Revenge. Apparently there was this shocking season finale that I missed and I am kind of dying to know what happened! How have these crazy rich people turned on each other this time to cause misery and drama in the Hamptons? It’s been eating away at me.

Then, yesterday, I got an email offering me two free weeks of Hulu Plus!! I can stream Hulu Plus through my TiVo so I don’t have to watch on my laptop at my desk (yuck) and I can go back and watch episodes of pretty much anything. Clearly the universe is sending me a sign that I need to find out what happened on Revenge. As an extra bonus, I can watch Downton Abbey and maybe finish up Battlestar Gallactica that I still have three more seasons left of.

It is a quiet holiday weekend in NYC so, except for a pile of work I need to get done, I have time for some entertainment. Hulu Plus, here I come! Dilemma #3 solved.

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