I Finished A Book!

At the beginning of the year, I said I wouldn’t write about what I was going to do. I said I would just do it and then write about it. Well, I broke that rule this week when I announced my plan to turn of the TV every night at 9pm and read until I went to sleep.  I have to say, it was kind of fun to say I was going to do something and then DO it. (It’s like checking things off a to do list, and we all know how much fun THAT is.)

This week, in the 9 -10:30pm hour, I finished The Paris Wife, an historical novel about Earnest Hemingway’s first marriage. I realized how good it was at the end, when the marriage ended. (I am not giving anything away, you can read the whole story on Wikipedia.) She explained the pain so well, that all of my previous bad breakups came flooding back and I remembered that panicked feeling that comes after the initial relief when a bad relationship is over. If a book makes me feel something, it gets a thumbs up.

I also felt a HUGE sense of accomplishment for finishing the book and sticking to my plan!  It felt good to watch less TV. I could only watch one show every night so it took me through Thursday to watch all of my Sunday night shows. Crazy.

Who knows what next week will hold, but this week, I finished a book!

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