I Miss Reading

I was out to dinner with friends the other night and we were talking about books.  Well, they were talking more about books than I was, and I was jealous, because I still don’t make time for reading.

I have said many many times that I was to read more and watch less TV, but this week, I find myself craving it.

I am usually SO busy at work that the only thing I have energy for in my downtime is TV.  Things have been SO busy for SO long that I have accumulated more and more shows on my Tivo without really paying attention. What in the world am I watching?

Yesterday, I watched two episodes of Revenge, Touch, The Vampire Diaries (which I forgot that I had taken off the list already) and Secret Life of the American Teenager.  I don’t think I really LIKE any of these shows anymore. What a waste of an afternoon. Then I spent the evening watching a movie that I also didn’t like (Larry Crowne) just because I had it in the house and felt like I HAD to watch it before I could return it. Completely untrue.  My monthly Netflix fee is the same whether I watch a movie, or sent it back unwatched. I was so bored I had to have a glass of wine to get through the movie.

This is not a good pattern. I am craving more personal brain engagement (meaning, when I am not at work)  and more “feeling present” in my own life. I need to get back to the yoga mat, have more quite time alone with my thoughts, downsize the passive TV watching, and switch more active reading. Even reading Fifty Shades of Gray seems like a more active use of my brain than watching Revenge (and I am curious to know what all of the hoopla is about with this book.)

My friend gets in bed every night at 9pm and reads until she falls asleep. This week, I am going to try that.  I just removed the inane shows that I watched yesterday from the TV List and they are officially expunged from my TiVo Season Pass list.  If I don’t thoroughly enjoy a show, I won’t watch it (unless it is getting crazy good reviews and I am still trying to figure out what I am missing because I don’t love it..like with Girls.)

Don’t worry, I have not gone totally bananas. I will continue to watch some inane shows that I do thoroughly enjoy, like Smash and my newest fav, Scandal (seriously excellent guilty pleasure). Everything can’t be Mad Men (but how amazing was last week’s episode? Amazing.)

Now I just have to figure out why my Kindle keeps freezing up. Technical difficulties, could cause a serious dent in my plans.

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