Let Me Be Your Star

“Fade in on a girl, with a hunger for fame, and a face and a name to remember…”

I like Smash. I can’t help it. I know it is cheesy and ridiculous, but I am hooked.  American Idol is no longer part of my TV life (the kids got too young and I am so over it), but Katharine McPhee was one of my favs. Her rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was one of the best performances on the show, ever. Love her voice.

I am also kind of over Glee.  It seems to have shifted in to building a story around the songs they want to sing versus the other way around. Smash has more of a story around it’s randomly placed tunes.  OK, it was a little bit weird when Ivy and Karen started singing “Cheers (Drink to That)” in Times Square last week.  I can’t defend it.

I am a Broadway musical fan. You wouldn’t know it based on how infrequently I go to the theater (even though I can walk there from my house), but I am a fan.

One thing I don’t love is Angelica Houston. Isn’t she supposed to be an amazing actress? I assume I must be missing something. Debra Messing’s teenage son is also pretty bad. There is a decent amount of bad acting, but I just look past it and focus on the drama!!

How devious is that little assistant dude?  Love to hate him.

The director, who used to be on Flash Forward (RIP), is a cutie (see above with Angelica). Not the nicest man, but hot. I would probably sleep with him to get the lead in a musical. I would hate to have a lead in a musical, of course,  since I prefer not to speak in front of people, so we would have to come up with another reason.

It’s not every day you see a seemingly respectable and together woman  cheating her husband on TV. Debra’s character suffers of course. Her boring science teacher husband left her last week. In real life, she is still with the dude she was having the affair with on the show.  (The drama continues off screen!)

Most importantly, I can’t get this “Let Me Be Your Star” song out of my head.  I think Smash a slightly less embarrassing guilty pleasure than Bachelor Pad, right?

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