Initial Thoughts: Game of Thrones – Season 2

Seriously, how awesome is Game of Thrones? When a show is amazing, like this one, I am fully engrossed for the whole hour, no distractions or multitasking. (This almost never happens, even to a TVaholic.) The show just feels full and textured, thicker than other shows.  Maybe it is the costumes or that most of the characters are always covered in dirt. Apparently the show has really caught on because the Season 2 premiere was up 77% from Season 1.

My favorite moments:

  • When that creepy man from the north who has babies with his daughters told John Snow he was prettier than most of his daughters.  True
  • When Sensa outwitted the evil horrible boy king and saved that sad man from drowning in wine
  • When the mean incestuous queen slapped her son, the evil horrible boy king
  • When Tyrion returned as hand of the king and put the mean incestuous queen in her place.  Awesome!
  • When Khalesi kicked ass as a leader even though she clearly has had no water in forever and is clueless about dragons

I could  on, but I still haven’t caught up on Mad Men yet!!

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