Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak

There has been a request for additional information about the orphanage that touched my heart in Bali. Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak was established in 2007 to help the children living in the streets in Bali. The yayasan (the Balinese word for a non profit organization) started as a school, and over time, the founder started taking children in to live with her. Putu Etiartini now has a small staff and about 20 children living full time in the officially licensed orphanage and continues to run a school for kids not living in the orphanage as well.  (The picture above, from the website, is of the beach school for kids that do not live in the orphanage).

We only spent an hour with the kids, but they were so well behaved and sweet (and very flexible!).  Our yoga instructor was wonderful with the kids and asked a few of them to go up front and each lead the class through a sun salutation.  She tried to have them do it in English but most reverted to Balinese.  It was adorable.

During class, we were asked to help the kids with backbends. I approached a group of boys and said “who needs help?” and the sweetest little boy said “me!”  As is turns out, he can’t do backbends because he broke his arm and it was set incorrectly so he can’t straighten it, ever.  This broke my heart, but he was cheerful and had a modification our yoga instructor taught him that he could do.

The minor frustrations of my life (like my TiVo not recording the The Vampire Diaries or my knee still hurting a tiny bit from my surfing injury), are nothing compared to what these kids and so many other people in the world are dealing with on a daily basis.  I have been feeling more grateful for everything in my life since I returned.  I guess that explains part of the peace I brought back with me from Bali.

The yayasan is currently collecting money to buy the building they are renting. If any of my blog readers are interested in donating or would just like to learn more about Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak, you can visit their website here.

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