Stylebook: My New Obession

At several times in my life, I have attempted to keep track of what I wear. I thought this record would serve a few purposes: (1) I could make sure I don’t repeat outfits too often (2) I could look back on a list to help me figure out what to wear (3) I could fully utilize all of the clothes I purchase and make sure give each of my “pieces” the attention they deserve.

Over the years, I tried spreadsheets, the notes app in my phone, and old-school pen and paper. All methods were abandoned after a couple of weeks. Earlier this year, I thought, “There must be an app for this!” And there is! It’s called Stylebook, and it’s my new obsession.

Stylebook captures actual photos of your clothes and lets you build outfits and add them to a calendar to record what you wear every day! It’s amazing and kind of fun.

To make this all work, you do have to take pictures of all of your clothes. One Sunday, I spent a few hours snapping photos of all of my work clothes. It is a lot harder to make clothes look pretty laid out flat than you think it is! Retail catalog work is not in my future.

I recommend laying out your clothes on a white sheet. For lighter color clothes you need a dark background. I happen to have a black poster board perfect for this ridiculous, time-wasting, activity.

If you don’t use the right background, you have to edit all of your photos to erase the background. For my first batch, I spent hours in front of the TV editing my pictures with the built-in tool in the app. I found this time-wasting activity incredibly therapeutic, totally mindless, and borderline creative.

Stylebook allows you to create any categories you want to organize your items. (e.g. blouses, t-shirts, sweaters, black tops, fancy skirts, belts…whatever!) It is very easy to move things around if you change your mind.

Once you have your “closet” set up, you can start building “looks”. You can combine as many items as you want to make a “look”. I keep it to the basics, but you can go to town with shoes, accessories, jewelry,etc. If someone should ask me what I wore or am planning to wear, I can email the “look” to them right from the app! (This pretty much never happens, but in case you are wondering what I wore today, you can see it above!)

I now have a bunch of work “looks” constructed and a calendar full of recorded outfits for almost two months! I love it. It is everything I hoped it would be and more, and it is super fun.

One of my obsessive vacation prep activities included, you guessed it, taking photos of all of my vacation clothes! My hope was that building outfits would help me figure out how much I really needed to bring. There is still too much in my suitcase, but I now also have it all in my phone! I realize this makes me a crazy pants, but hey, some people play Sudoku, and others build outfits in their phone.

The only negative to Stylebook that I have found is that I built my “closet” and “looks” on my iPhone and I can’t get the app to sync to my IPad. My aging eyes would much prefer to view my outfits on a larger screen. I emailed Stylebook support, and within an hour, they replied and told me I would be able to sync (via wifi) between devices in the next app version coming shortly.

Two thumbs up for Stylebook and fun, therapeutic, time-wasters!

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