A Brief Hiatus

I got a little stomach virus this week which kept me from making too much headway on improving my online dating prowess.

I did listen to Evan Marc Katz’s chapter on the online dating profile before the virus hit (no correlation I am sure) and realized that my profile has glimmers of creativity, but Evan would not likely qualify it as a good profile.  Perhaps this is why I received over 850 views in my first week, but only got emails from men that I would consider less than stellar. I think they will write to anyone. I did get over 100 emails, but none that I wanted to respond to.

I do have to continue this hiatus in my quest for online love because I am preparing to take a trip far, far away.

More to come on that later today….

Addendum: I get a lot of searches on Evan Marc Katz and I feel horrible for leaving everyone hanging, but I have never come back to this! Some offline romantic events occurred right about the time I was planning to pick this back up so I was distracted. I am still distracted by these other events (that I am not planning to blog about) so this is the end of my Evan Marc Katz adventure for now. If I get back to it, my blog fans will be the first to know!

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